From 2006 to 2022, the football elf of that year has been polished into a middle-aged man with a beard.

Finally, Messi kissed the Hercules Cup.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

(Qatar World Cup) "Hug" belongs to the winter of football

  China News Agency, Beijing, December 19th (Liu Xingchen) After 64 games, the Qatar World Cup came to an end with the Argentina team winning the trophy.

This winter belongs to football for many people.

And those "hugs" on the field are enough to string together the memories of this winter.

  After failing to break out of the "death group" due to a goal difference disadvantage, the German team has missed the group stage for two consecutive World Cups.

As the golden generation that won the championship in 2014 has aged one after another, the "Germanic Chariot" is somewhat underpowered.

The 36-year-old German goalkeeper Neuer once followed the team to the top of the world. Looking at his frustrated teammates after being out this time, he leaned over and hugged him.

The bitterness in it may only be resolved with time.

  The South Korean team broke through the group at almost the last minute.

In the last round of the group stage against the Portuguese team, in stoppage time, Sun Xingmin made a long-distance attack and assisted Huang Xican to score the lore. Sun Xingmin, who took off his mask, could not hide his tears when he hugged the team members.

Due to an accidental injury before the start of the game, the "Asian No. 1 Brother" who underwent surgery could only wear a protective mask to play, which led to his poor performance in the group stage.

When he completed self-salvation under heavy pressure, the Korean star could no longer hold back his tears.

On December 2, Beijing time, in the third round of Group H of the Qatar World Cup group match, South Korea played against Portugal.

In the end, the Portuguese team was defeated by the South Korean team 1:2.

The South Korean team overwhelmed Uruguay with a goal difference advantage. The second group advanced to the round of 16, and the Portuguese team advanced to the first group.

The picture shows South Korean player Sun Xingmin crying after the game.

  In the 1998 World Cup, Iran and the United States met in the group stage, and Iran narrowly defeated their opponents 2:1.

Today, two teams full of stories meet again in Qatar.

The Iranians, who only needed a draw to break through the group, ended up waiting for a defeat.

When the final whistle blew, the Iranian players slumped on the field and wept bitterly, while the American players stepped forward to offer comfort.

At that moment, the green field was full of love.

And this is what football should look like in the first place.

  Ronaldo did not come off the bench until the 73rd minute in Portugal's 6-1 victory over Switzerland to advance to the quarter-finals.

For the benefit of the team, he sacrificed his playing time in the knockout stage.

After his teammates scored a goal, he immediately stepped forward to give encouragement.

But this still failed to make Portugal go further.

Missing the semi-finals, the 37-year-old Ronaldo knelt down on the court covering his face and crying.

How can it not be a pity to leave in such a way of "driving high and going low"?

  In the quarter-finals, Croatia beat Brazil on penalties.

The talented and gorgeous Samba have always been regarded as the favorites to win the championship. Neymar, who scored a goal in overtime, cried bitterly after the game.

At this time, a small fan wearing a Croatian jersey ran from a distance and comforted the Brazilian superstar with a handshake. The latter leaned over and hugged him in his arms.

This little fan is the son of Croatia striker Perisic.

On December 9, local time, the quarter-finals of the Qatar World Cup were held. The match between the favorites Brazil and the Plaid team Croatia officially started at the Education City Stadium.

In the end, the Croatian team defeated the Brazilian team in a penalty shootout and advanced to the top four of the World Cup.

The picture shows Neymar sitting on the court in frustration.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  Behind this hug is destined to be the youthful memory of a generation: On March 1, 2006, Croatia played a friendly match with Argentina.

At that time, Messi, who was 18 years and 9 months old, met Modric, who was 20 years and 5 months old, for the first time.

Modric started the game to complete his national team debut, and Messi scored his first goal in Argentina's adult national team career.

Meeting in the World Cup 16 years later, Argentina No. 10 beat Croatia No. 10.

Messi and Modric embrace each other affectionately, and their gestures are admiration for each other's careers.

  The semi-final between the French team and the Moroccan team ended with the "Gallic Rooster" winning, but the Moroccans also rewrote the history of African football.

After the game, Mbappe and Ashraf embraced tightly.

In the Ligue 1 Paris Saint-Germain team, the two are quite close court partners.

When they met in the World Cup, their "contradiction" dispute also became the focus.

Mbappe said: "Everyone will be proud of what you have done, you have made history." This fairy friendship is talked about by fans.

Messi and Alvarez celebrate a goal.

  On Messi's last World Cup journey, they won the Hercules Cup as they wished.

In fact, the Argentine team suffered a blow after the start of the game, and the first show was upset by the Saudi team.

Along the way, they have faced doubts, pressures, challenges... But all of them have never been able to defeat their determination to stand on top of the world.

When the final whistle blew, the Argentine players embraced each other heartily. The joy and emotion moved hundreds of millions of football fans around the world.

  The story of the World Cup in Qatar has come to an end, but the touch and warmth will last forever.

Four years later, the United States, Canada and Mexico will meet again in the World Cup.