soccer world cup qatar tournament.

The 3rd place match, Croatia vs. Morocco, will be held on December 18, Japan time.

Croatia vs Morocco is scheduled to start at midnight on the 18th, Japan time.

Croatia, who were runners-up in the previous tournament and ranked 12th in the world, lost 0-3 to Argentina, who has Lionel Messi, in the semi-finals and will face the 3rd place match.

The team's strength is its well-balanced offense and defense, but in the semi-finals, the defense, which had never allowed multiple goals, was unable to stop Argentina's offense.

Goalkeeper Dominik Libakovic, who has repeatedly shown good saves, including the defenders, will be able to rebuild his defense and show his strength in defense.

As for the offensive line, the semi-final ended in a scoreless match, and it will be necessary to strengthen the attacking stance centering on midfield players such as captain Luka Modric.

Morocco, on the other hand, ranks 22nd in the world.

They were the first African team to advance to the quarter-finals and were expected to advance to the finals, but they lost 0-2 to France, the champions of the previous tournament, in the semi-finals and went to the third-place play-off.

Morocco's greatest strength is its strong defense.

Despite conceding two goals in the semi-final match against France, these two were the only goals scored by the opposing team throughout the tournament.

Midfielder Sofiane Amrabat, who has played the full 90 minutes in every match, and a strong team of defenders support the defense.

The offensive line is characterized by approaching the opponent's goal starting from the flanks, and created many chances in the match against France.

Both teams boast solid defensive power, so it seems likely that the offense's decisiveness will be the deciding factor between victory and defeat.