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  • D-1 before the long-awaited final of this World Cup between the team and Argentina.

  • We will carefully follow the state of health of our little Blues throughout this day, while concern is in order with this mysterious virus which hangs around in the group.

  • For their part, the Argentines are apparently serene, focused on the supreme objective: to offer Lionel Messi a title of world champion.

  • Morocco and Croatia will meet at 4 p.m. for the match for third place.

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We are almost there.

More than a sleep before the final of this World Cup, which tomorrow will pit the France team and Argentina.

To say that we can't wait to be there would still be far from reality, but we will try to take advantage of these hours that separate us from this meeting.

Because everything is still possible, we like to feverishly watch everything that happens at the base camp of the Blues, and then because we have a good football match to eat this afternoon, with Morocco-Croatia.

The two teams are going to fight for third place, and even if it's "a bit of an idiot's place", as Regragui said yesterday, bringing home a medal would not be trivial for either of them. 'other. 

>> To not miss anything from this penultimate day of the World Cup, it's here that it happens...

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