On November 20, local time, the opening ceremony of the 2022 Qatar World Cup was held at the Gulf Stadium.

The picture shows the official emblem of the Qatar World Cup unveiled at the opening ceremony.

  China News Service, Beijing, December 17th (Reporter Wang Hao) Seeing the end of the year, the leaders have been urging me to write a year-end summary in recent days.

It is not difficult to sum up every year, but he also asked me to give my opinion on his work this year...

  The leader's original words were "you don't have to worry if you speak boldly", and I replied "okay, okay" on the surface, trembling in my heart.

  After writing a bunch of comments such as "the leader is too devoted to his work and doesn't pay attention to his body", "the leader works overtime every day and increases the unit's electricity bill", there is nowhere to vent his desire to confide.

Yo, today's World Cup topic has not been decided yet?

The top 32 of the World Cup, then I really "speak boldly, don't worry"——

Dumfries, it looks like he's hitting the ball, but he's actually hiding his murderous intentions. Did you see this move with the King Kong legs?

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan


  Spend the most money and get the worst beatings.

What do you mean by this picture?

Maybe local tyrants are like this. Instead of going to a foreign country to watch football, it is better to pull them to sing at home.

I just don’t know if the local tyrants will also shout after watching: XXX, refund the money!


  It's really unlucky for the group to score 4 points and not be able to qualify.

But this team is already famous in the history of the World Cup-after all, Ecuador is the only one that beat the host in the opening game.


  In the Qatar World Cup, Senegal is one of Africa's cards.

Not only achieved the first victory of an African team in this World Cup, but also became the first African team to score 3 goals against the host in the World Cup.

They all caught Qatar, right?


  The Netherlands, which is no longer the total attack and defense style it used to be, fought Argentina in a penalty shootout and eventually fell.

Compared with its predecessors, this Dutch team appears to be more pragmatic, but at the same time, the viewing and topicality are no longer the same-except that it doesn't look like the Dutch team, everything is pretty good.

In the early hours of December 11, Beijing time, the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar continued. The defending champion France defeated England and won the last semi-finals seat.

The picture shows the players of the two teams at the game site.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan


  Football failed to "go home" again this time, but the "Three Lions" did not change into the "Three Meows".

Regrettably losing to the defending champion France, England's defense made Mbappé very uncomfortable, but we all know that after studying mathematics, it is not possible to do well in the exam...


  In the group stage, they beat Wales with 2 goals. Iran defeated a European team in the World Cup for the first time in history, but it was one step away from qualifying for the group.

After watching the Iran team match, do you feel that Asian football (including the national football team) is not bad?


  Compared with the game itself, people are more interested in the story of the US team off the field.

For example, can the U.S. Football Association tamper with other people's national flags on social media and directly put the players in front of the battle at the forefront, can it be done less?


  After more than 60 years before returning to the World Cup, Wales failed to qualify for the group is also expected.

However, looking at the efforts made by others to return to the World Cup, shouldn't some teams reflect on it?

In the early morning of December 14th, Beijing time, in the first semi-final of the Qatar World Cup held at the Lusail Stadium, with Messi's penalty kick and Alvarez's brace, Argentina defeated Croatia 3-0 to advance to the World Cup finals.

The picture shows the Argentine players gathered together to celebrate after the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan


  The upset loss in the first game of the group made Argentina's Qatar World Cup prospects suddenly dim, but the strong adjustment ability played a role, and finally passed all the way to the final.

But having said that, except for the first game of this World Cup, every game of theirs is a final.

Can Messi realize his dream?

The whole world will wait and see.

Saudi Arabia

  The most amazing start, the most rapid fall, this is Saudi Arabia's Qatar World Cup trip.

Saudi Arabia overturned Argentina in the first game, which made Messi feel ashamed, and also made fans call our Asian football support, but the subsequent two losses made it clear: Asian football support, but not completely support.


  Mexico failed to qualify for the group stage at the World Cup in Qatar, the last time this happened in 1978.

The biggest highlight of Mexico's World Cup in Qatar is probably the goalkeeper Ochoa who resembles Wu Zhenyu. He is worthy of being a "god" every four years.


  The players are not weak, but why can't they play exquisite coordination?

This is what many people say about Poland.

Lewandowski finally scored his first goal in the World Cup, which can be regarded as throwing off the hat of "soft-legged shrimp in the competition".

On December 15th, Beijing time, in the Qatar World Cup semi-final, the French team played against Morocco.

In the end, the French team defeated Morocco 2-0 and advanced to the final.

Defending champions France will compete with Argentina for the World Cup title.

The picture shows the game scene.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan


  Curse of the defending champion?

The French don't seem to believe in this evil.

In the knockout round, France showed a very good state. Now that the final is just around the corner, the French team has to consider whether this is their only chance in this life!

But I still hope that the "last shudder" of rewriting history will not put too much pressure on them...


  After a lapse of 16 years, Australia once again advanced to the World Cup knockout rounds, which is not easy for them.

Looking at Australia, which is against Tunisia and Denmark, it is estimated that some national football fans will be heartbroken: Why do you think they are included in the AFC?


  Last year, it was the semi-finals of the European Cup. This year, it was eliminated in the World Cup group stage. Denmark's World Cup trip to Qatar disappointed many fans.

But think about it another way, the champion of last year's European Cup did not even come to Qatar, is it a little comforting?


  Who is the only team to beat France so far in the World Cup in Qatar?

Shout out to this team, Tunisia!


There is one thing to say, Tunisia has one win, one draw and one loss in the group stage. If the opponents in these three games are reversed, they may really qualify.

On December 2, Beijing time, in the third round of Group E of the Qatar World Cup group match, the Japanese team played against the Spanish team.

In the end, the Japanese team reversed the Spanish team 2:1, with two wins and one loss in the group stage with 6 points, ranking first and qualifying.

The Spanish team advanced to second in the group with 4 points.

The picture shows the game scene.


  The Spanish coach asked the players to practice 1,000 penalty kicks. In actual combat, this is it?

When you can't score a goal in regular time, overtime or even a penalty shootout in the knockout round, who will go home if you don't go home?

costa rica

  Costa Rica seems to have played the exact opposite of Japan. They can win Japan, but lose to Spain and Germany.

I don't know if it's the unique associative ability of Chinese football fans. Every time Costa Rica is mentioned, I can't help but think back to 20 years ago.


  Opening match-life-and-death battle-train station, this is no longer a game process exclusive to the national football team, and now it is also Germany's World Cup road map.

Some teams died in the first game and were buried in the third game. The German chariot may need to be repaired to return to the top.


  After consecutive reversals of former World Cup champions Germany and Spain, no one dared to underestimate this Japanese team.

But let's go home and practice more penalty kicks. A wonderful game was finally lost because of an outrageous penalty kick. Isn't this a kind of "unfinished".

On November 27, Beijing time, in the second round of Group F of the Qatar World Cup group match, the Belgian team played against Morocco.

Sabiri and Abhalle, who came off the bench for the Morocco team, scored 1 goal each, and finally defeated the Belgian team 2-0.

The picture shows the players of the Morocco team celebrating the victory.


  The last World Cup of the golden generation, the news outside the arena is even more exciting inside the arena.

After the group failed to qualify, who went home at their own expense, who went on a trip, and who went with the big team all became the focus of the media.

I can only order "Decent" and give it to the golden generation at the curtain call.


  Canada failed to win a single World Cup in Qatar, and the next World Cup will be jointly hosted by Canada, the United States and Mexico.

After seeing Qatar's "encounter" this year, what will happen to Canada in four years will make people look forward to it even more.


  Before the opening of the World Cup, if anyone said that Morocco could enter the semi-finals, I am afraid they would be considered crazy, but this team has become a dark horse in this way.

Morocco only conceded 3 goals until they missed the final.

Morocco said: Are you stronger than me?

Laughing dead, you can't kick in at all.


  The Croatian players standing in front of the penalty spot looked invincible.

Breaking into the semi-finals has exceeded most people's expectations for this team before the game.

To describe the miracle of the World Cup in Kata, there must be the Plaid Legion.

On December 9, local time, the quarter-finals of the Qatar World Cup were held. The match between the favorites Brazil and the Plaid team Croatia officially started at the Education City Stadium.

In the end, the Croatian team defeated the Brazilian team in a penalty shootout and advanced to the top four of the World Cup.

The picture shows Neymar sitting on the court in frustration.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan


  When Brazil's game is not happy, that's when they are out.

The original favorite to win the championship turned samba into radio gymnastics at a critical moment-no spirituality at all.

There is still a big gap between this team and the peak Brazil team.


  Serbia's Qatar World Cup trip failed to win a victory, but it did steal a lot of shots in the game against Brazil.

Neymar's care for the "designated ball for the World Cup" made people laugh: why put this tearing clothes?

How about going to play tearing up the famous brand?


  Switzerland is like the classmate who was good but not the best in the class at school, you can guess the grade range of his exam.

The Qatar World Cup is no exception. It is a standard plot in Switzerland to qualify for the group stage and then miss the top 8.


  Although the group failed to qualify, Cameroon's performance was not lacking in bright spots.

Being able to beat the five-star Brazil is the dream of many teams.

In addition, Mbemo, who hit the face of basketball star James, became the first "cross-border" basketball player in the World Cup in Qatar.

On December 10, local time, the third match of the Qatar World Cup quarter-finals was held at the Atumama Stadium. The Portuguese team faced the dark horse Morocco.

In the game, Morocco striker Ennesri scored the only goal for the team. Morocco, the dark horse of the World Cup, beat Portugal 1-0 and broke into the semi-finals of the World Cup.

This game is also Ronaldo's last game in this World Cup.

The picture shows Ronaldo kneeling on the court.


  News, rumors, rumors about Ronaldo accompanied Portugal's entire World Cup trip.

It is said that the team with the deepest bench has no one who can make the final decision in the most critical games.


  You say he is weak?

He can still defeat South Korea, do you think he is strong?

He lost to Uruguay in the last round.

All in all, Garner made an ambiguous group even more elusive.


  The former South American powerhouse has failed to qualify for the group stage.

In the last round of the competition, Uruguay, which was originally in a good situation, became the background board for South Korea to create a miracle. Perhaps it was time, luck, and fate.

South Korea

  When your head star has a fractured eye socket before the start of the World Cup, when you have accumulated 1 point in the first two rounds of the group stage, and when you are going to play against Portugal in the last round of the group stage, are you desperate?

Desperate South Korea has created a miracle.

Losing to Brazil in the knockout round is already a non-war crime. Such a South Korean team is still the key "lemon" object of national football fans.