On December 18, 2022, Beijing time, in the final of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the French team played against Argentina.

Who do you expect to win the Hercules Cup?

let us wait and see.

(Qatar World Cup) Tournament preview: The final suspense of the French-Arab decisive battle to be solved

  China News Agency, Beijing, December 17 (Reporter Gao Kai) Qatar World Cup is coming to an end, and the final duel will be held between Argentina and France on the 18th local time.

Who can be the ultimate winner?

Can Messi, who is full of majesty in Qatar, "fight the world"?

Can the young Mbappe calmly erase the word "scheduled" before the "king of the ball"?

Many suspense remains to be solved.

  Wearing the same two-star jersey, the same traditional strong team, and the same superstars, the qualifications, strength and status of the Argentine and French teams in this match can be called the highest level.

Just the appearance of the two at the Lussel Stadium has already made many people agree, "This is a contest worthy of the World Cup peak matchup."

  As the defending champion, the French team, which was plagued by injuries, was once unfavorable before the start of this cup. However, under the leadership of coach Didier Deschamps, the "Gallic Rooster" played triumphantly and won the first two group matches in a row. The first qualifying team of this cup.

Under the leadership of Mbappe and Griezmann who are in good condition, the French team made great strides in the knockout round, defeated Poland, won the battle between Britain and France, and stopped the biggest "dark horse" Morocco. All of them, with their outstanding attacking power, were within 90 minutes. Settle the fight.

  From Mbappe to Griezmann, Giroud, and Dembele, the defending champion with strong offensive power is undoubtedly the "hardest" opponent in this cup.

The "champion looks" they showed have even made people almost no longer mention the curse of "no reelection in the World Cup".

Since Brazil successfully defended the title in 1962, no team has been able to repeat this achievement.

On December 15th, Beijing time, in the Qatar World Cup semi-final, the French team played against Morocco.

In the 5th minute of the first half, Theo Hernandez scored for the French team.

In the 79th minute of the second half, Mbappe created chaos in the penalty area and Kolo Mouani, who had just come off the bench, scored.

In the end, the French team defeated Morocco 2-0 and advanced to the final.

Defending champions France will compete with Argentina for the World Cup title.

The picture shows the players of both sides in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  In comparison, the Argentine team has had a bumpy journey in this World Cup. It was defeated by the Saudi team at the beginning of the game, and then stumbled to get out of the group.

Under the adjustment of the coach Scaloni in the knockout round, the whole team finally got better and better. They beat Australia, the Netherlands, and Croatia and entered the final.

  Although the Argentine team did not perform as calmly as the French team in the previous game, in many people's eyes, it was the tempering of various difficulties that inspired the excellent Argentina standing in the final venue.

What's more, Messi, who came to his 5th World Cup, is now in a hot state, and his calm and responsible leadership temperament is enough to carry the "Pampas Eagle"'s ambition to win the championship.

Coupled with the "Zonda II" Alvarez who turned out, the impressive offensive power of the Argentine team gave them sufficient confidence to win the final victory.

  The strongest opponent, meeting at the top, this is an unpredictable contest, and the suspense of the outcome has been completely drawn.

  "This final will be my last World Cup game." For the unborn Messi, this last battle in Qatar may also become the "last piece of the puzzle" for his career to be crowned king.

In the early morning of December 14th, Beijing time, in the first semi-final of the Qatar World Cup held at the Lusail Stadium, with Messi's penalty kick and Alvarez's brace, Argentina defeated Croatia 3-0 to advance to the World Cup finals.

This is also the first time Messi and the Argentine team have reached the World Cup final after 8 years.

The picture shows Messi celebrating a goal.

  "Considering Messi's influence on the entire football world, I think he deserves the World Cup Gold Cup", as the "Blue and White Army" teenager Alvarez said. In the final jigsaw puzzle of Messi's legendary "King of the Ball" who has swept almost all personal honors, the "Hercules Cup" is missing.

  For Messi, who has played in the World Cup five times, this time is the last chance to become a truly immortal legend, and the once shy boy has also shown the "kingdom" that makes everyone admire.

In Qatar, Messi, who had never scored a goal in the previous four cup knockout battles, has turned the tide on his own several times and has become the core of Argentina in the true sense.

  In this final, Messi's World Cup games will increase to 26 games, making him the player with the most appearances in World Cup history.

Some experts said that if Messi wins this World Cup, he will become a generation of "ball king" who can be compared with Pele and Maradona, and even more impressive.

On November 26, local time, the second round of Group D of the World Cup group stage staged a focus battle. The defending champion France team defeated the Danish team and qualified one round ahead of schedule.

In this game, with Mbappe scoring twice in the second half, the French team defeated the Danish team 2:1.

The French team is also the first team to qualify from the group in this World Cup.

The picture shows French player Mbappe celebrating his goal.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  If this is Messi's last good chance, then, for the 23-year-old Mbappé, this battle will be a battle for him to "sure his position".

  Whether you like him or not, Mbappe, who has been a smasher of various goal records since his debut, has grown into the most mentioned "the best at the moment" and "predetermined ball king". Speed, smell, vision, confrontation, The ability to read the game... As a "hexagonal fighter" on the green field, Mbappe once said frankly that he has been preparing for the World Cup throughout the season.

  Maybe in people's eyes, he still has more time and opportunities, but for this strong man who is "naturally accustomed to leading", how can it be too early to reach the top.

  In the ultimate duel, the two will also fight for the glory of the top scorer of this cup.

At present, Messi and Mbappe have scored 5 goals together, leading the scorer list.