Data map: Andre of the Croatian team celebrated his first goal in this World Cup in a nearly screaming way. In the second half of the game against the Canadian team, he scored twice.

(Qatar World Cup) Before the third and fourth finals, the coaches of Croatia and Morocco did not give up

  China News Agency, Doha, December 17th (Reporter Bian Liqun) On the evening of the 16th local time, at a press conference before the third and fourth finals of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Croatia coach Dalic said that they hope to win the third place; The Morocco coach Regraghi said bluntly that although the team is physically and mentally exhausted, they will fight to the end for the third place.

  In this World Cup, Croatia and Morocco are in the same group, and the two sides drew 0-0 in the group stage.

Regarding the rematch in the third place match, Dalic said: "Morocco reminds me of us 4 years ago. No one expected them to be here. They have great support from the fans. I think they deserve to be there. Here. A very difficult game awaits us, even more difficult than in the group stage, and they have become a confident and dynamic team."

On November 23, Beijing time, in the first round of Group F of the World Cup group stage, the last runner-up Croatia drew 0:0 with Morocco in its first show.

The picture shows the game scene.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  Regarding the rematch, Regraghi believes: "The mentality of the Croatians is very good. They only have 4 million people, but the players are all playing for the best clubs in the world. We will see if there is any improvement compared to the first game." , Modric played well in the first game, he was a real winner."

  Although it is a battle for the third place, Dalic said that the team will still fight for the medal.

"Croatia won their first medal in the 1998 World Cup. It was a big event and it meant a lot. Last time we were runners-up, but every World Cup means a lot. We hope to finish third. Make our country happy."

  In the knockout stage, the Croatian team had consecutive overtime matches and penalty shootouts with Japan and Brazil. In the last semi-final, Croatia lost 0:3 to Argentina, and the team's physical problems have begun to show.

Dalic admitted that the team was tired and exhausted.

"As for injuries, we will look at the situation of Brozovic, Gwadiol and Juranovic."

On December 6, local time, the 1/8 finals of the 2022 Qatar World Cup continued. The match between Morocco and Spain started at the Education City Stadium.

In this game, the two teams failed to score in regular time and overtime, and the two sides entered a penalty shootout.

In the penalty shootout, the Moroccan team relied on goalkeeper Bunu's miraculous performance to save Spanish players' penalty shots twice, helping the Moroccan team eliminate the Spanish team and break into the top 8 of the World Cup for the first time in history.

Morocco goalkeeper Bounu saves a penalty.

  Morocco is the biggest "dark horse" of this World Cup. They lost 0:2 to France and missed the final.

Regraji said: "This (three or four finals) is not the final we want to participate in, but it is also very important. We will do our best to fight for the third place, but now we are a little physically and mentally exhausted."

  Talking about how to motivate players before such a game, Regraghi said that there is no need to motivate them, because the players know that the game is important, Croatia will know that Morocco is worthy of respect, and the team will fight for the third place to the end.