During the World Cup, attention was drawn when several teams were not allowed to wear OneLove armbands.

Among others, Germany and Denmark protested against the decision.

At a press conference, Gianni Infantino was asked why Fifa put an end to the rainbow colored armbands.

- We have to take care of all the nations in Fifa.

We are a global organization.

When it comes to bans, it's not about denying people, we have rules.

We have rules that say that football must be played on the field.

Everyone can express their opinion, but out on the pitch you have to respect football.

It is to respect 211 football nations and their fans who come to enjoy football.

That's what we're here for.

We defend human rights, we defend everyone's rights in the World Cup, Gianni Infantino answered at the press conference.

Hailed the World Cup in Qatar as "the best ever"

The FIFA president was also asked about the migrant workers who have died before and during the World Cup and why the figures on deaths vary so much.

- Every death is one too many.

It is a tragedy.

A tragedy for the family, for everyone involved, for us.

When we talk about death tolls, we need to be precise and specific.

In terms of increasing security and protecting those who worked on the championship, we did that, Infantino said.

Gianni Infantino also hailed the World Cup in Qatar as "the best ever" and announced that Fifa does not want three-team groups in the World Cup in 2026. The organization will instead discuss the format going forward.

- Thank you to everyone involved, Qatar, all the volunteers and everyone who contributed to making this World Cup the best ever, said Infantino.

He also announced that the Men's Club World Cup will be expanded to 32 teams from 2025 and that the Club World Cup and Women's Futsal World Cup will be introduced.

CLIP: Hear Infantiono about three-team groups in the World Cup

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Gianni Infantino.

Photo: Bildbyrån