, December 10th, Croatia faced Argentina, and the first semi-final match of the World Cup in Qatar was born.

In the quarter-finals that ended this morning, Croatia eliminated the favorites Brazil through a penalty shootout (1:1 in extra time, 4:2 in penalties), while Argentina also defeated the Netherlands in a penalty shootout (2:2 in extra time). 2, penalty kick 4:3).

  There were voices before the game that dragging the game into a penalty shootout was the only way for Croatia to win.

Even in the case of conceding the ball first in overtime, the tough Croatia still dragged the Samba into the "penalty shootout" quagmire, and defeated a strong opponent with rich experience.

  Neymar scored in the 105th minute and the Selecao opened the door to the semi-finals; however, Petkovic's goal brought Brazil back to the starting line just before the whistle.

After 120 minutes, the two sides drew 1:1.

  After saving the Japanese team's 3 penalties in the last game, Croatian goalkeeper Livakovic made another shot. He blocked Rodrygo's shot.

Croatia eliminated Brazil as Marquinhos' penalty hit the post.

  The Netherlands and Argentina joined hands to create another classic World Cup duel.

Messi's one pass and one shot gave Argentina the possibility of an easy promotion, but the Netherlands responded forcefully.

  In the last ten minutes of regular time, the Dutch team was still 0:2 behind, but they eventually dragged the game into overtime.

In the 83rd minute, Weghorst scored with a header, rekindling the suspense of the game.

The miracle appeared in the 10th minute of stoppage time. The Oranje played a wonderful tactical free kick and Weghorst scored twice.

  Argentine goalkeeper Damian Martinez became the hero of the team, he saved a series of shots by Van Dijk and Boguis in the penalty shootout.

Although the Dutch team was eliminated, the Oranje can walk out of the field with their heads held high.

  In the semifinals, Croatia will face Argentina.

Will the match be decided on penalties?

  Three of Croatia's four knockout matches at the last World Cup went into overtime.

In the eighth-finals of this year, the Grid Army also eliminated Japan through a penalty shootout after overtime.

Today, the Brazilian team fell in front of their penalty spot again.

  Given this, Argentina should hope to end the fight within 120 minutes, depending on whether Croatia "yes".