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- I don't see your progress in the selection.


it because there is pressure


- Can be do not know...

- I think it may be because you don't transmit security and that spreads to the team.

Everyone makes mistakes, name me one person who doesn't.

Why can't you commit one?

I think the problem is that you are afraid and that in the end only makes things worse.

- I understand, I know.


You are a great goalkeeper


You know that, right?

During the

qualifying phase for the World Cup in Qatar


Dominik Livakovic

(Zadar, 1995) lost the starting position in goal for



The young goalkeeper, undisputed at

Dinamo Zagreb

, the dominator of his country's championship, had to leave the national team's nets in the hands of

Ivica Ivusic and Ivo Grbic


It was autumn 2021 and twelve months after the

World Cup,

the future under the Croatian sticks was not clear.

For this reason, during a concentration of the selection,

Luka Modric acted as captain and had that talk with Livakovic

in the hotel where the Balkan team was staying.

A conversation that can be seen in the documentary




' and that had a positive effect, because the goalkeeper regained his position a few months later and did not release it until Qatar.

Back in the Arab country, he saved penalties from Japan's

Minamino, Mitoma and Yoshida

in the round of 16 and did the same with

Rodrygo Goes

' shot before seeing how


's shot crashed into his right post.

He has been the hero of Croatia and the executioner of Brazil with a performance for the history of the

World Cups


With the detainee in the quarterfinals, Livakovic accumulates four saved penalties and draws with the German

Harald Schumacher

(Spain 1982), with the Argentine

Sergio Goycochea

(Italy 1990) and with his compatriot

Danijel Subasic

, who rejected four in the last

World Cup in Russia

, three in the round of 16 and one in the quarterfinals on the way to a legendary final for the Balkans.

History repeats itself.

From Subasic to Livakovic, the heroes of Croatia


2022 Croatia

is copying the chronology of the

2018 Croatia


Four years ago, the team led by Luka Modric beat Denmark on penalties in the round of 16 and in the quarterfinal against Russia.

All with a hero:



And now, in Qatar, they have been better than

Japan and Brazil

from eleven meters, although with other wings: those of Livakovic.


We were raised as fighters

, we always give our best. Let's see how far we can go", valued the goalkeeper.

The goalkeeper born in Zadar, the same city that saw Modric reach the world, landed in the tournament as one of the footballers with the least

market value

in the Croatian team.

Far away were

Gvardiol's 60 million

, Kovacic's 40 or Brozovic's 35.

Livakovic is satisfied with 8.50 million

, which in the Balkan starting team is only higher than the 3.5 of the veteran center-back Lovren and the 6.5 of the Juranovic winger.

He was not a star.

It wasn't supposed to be.

But against

Neymar, Vinicius, Raphina, Antony, Rodrygo

and the entire offensive arsenal of Brazil, the goalkeeper became a giant with

eleven saves

before reaching penalties.

He already has 19 in this World Cup, four less than the Polish Szczesny, the best in this section.

"He has an aura that few have"


I don't understand why he's still at Dinamo Zagreb

. Don't sports directors have eyes?"

Igor Jovicevic

, now the coach of

Shakhtar Donetsk

, but Livakovic's coach in Zagreb between 2020 and 2022, responds to


. "His case is like Gvardiol's. We're not surprised. He's a treasure and a specialist in penalties for a long time".

Before the World Cup, Livakovic

had saved 14 of the 54 penalties

that had been taken in his career.

"He has a magnet, an aura that few have. But he has had it for many years, I really don't understand why he continues playing in Zagreb," adds Jovicevic.

On a personal level, Livakovic is "

shy" off the pitch

, but has "a lot of personality during games."


He doesn't shrink

and appears in the most important moments. He has something. I always ask the goalkeepers to stop me with 0-0, when I'm suffering, not with a 3-0 in favor," says Jovicevic.

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