At the World Cup Qatar tournament, some of the players of the Japanese national team, who defeated powerhouses Germany and Spain to advance to the final tournament and finished the tournament in the round of 16, returned to Japan on a flight that arrived at Narita Airport after 5:00 p.m. .

Coach Hajime Moriyasu is scheduled to return to Japan on another flight after this, and he will hold a press conference with Japan Football Association President Kozo Tashima.

A lot of supporters welcomed us at Narita Airport

Many supporters gathered at Narita Airport to welcome the players, wearing uniforms and holding messages for the players.

A man who dyed his hair red like Nagatomo said, "The match was great. I want to say 'Bravo' to the players who gave me happiness for a long day. Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Moriyasu. I want to speak out," he said.

A woman in a uniform who had been waiting since noon said, "In the match against Croatia, Mitoma dribbled alone and couldn't score a shot that approached the goal, but I was impressed. 'Thank you for the excitement, thank you for your hard work.' I want to tell you," he said.

A woman who watched the games against Germany and Costa Rica said, "I was really happy when we won against Germany, and I was able to feel that Japan is strong. If you continue to support them for four years, you will have a good game. I was able to see it, so today I came to pick you up with the feeling, 'Thank you for the excitement, thank you for your hard work.'"