The Biathlon World Cup is underway and the first weekend attracted great interest in SVT's Vinterstudion.

Not least when it was time for the ladies' hunt to start on Sunday.

With 1,115,000 viewers, it was the day's most watched program on TV, all categories, with competition from Rapport and the Christmas calendar.

A total of four races took place over Saturday and Sunday, attracting almost a million viewers on average, more precisely 904,000. The studio between races also attracts large audiences, with a maximum of 700,000 after the ladies' chase start.

Between competitions on the same day, half a million watched the hour-and-a-half studio sequence.

"Fantastic televised sport"

- Biathlon is a fantastic TV sport with several Swedish world stars on both the women's and men's side, who fight at the top almost every competition.

Add to that our beloved experts, commentators and presenters and it will be very good entertainment.

Apart from the competitions, I think people still like our in-depth journalism and inviting atmosphere, says Vinterstudio's project manager Marcus Törngren.

Broadcasts from the Biathlon World Cup continue on Thursday, with the women's sprint and men's sprints taking place on Friday.

CUT: Elvira Öberg on the podium in the chase start (4 Dec 2022)

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Elvira Öberg had to tie her fist for third place today.

Photo: Vesa Moilanen/AP/TT