Since the start of the 2022 World Cup matches in Qatar, the question that everyone is looking for an answer to is: Who will win the Golden Cup?

We asked this question to a group of the most prominent Arab and African football stars and senior officials.

After the final price round had passed, the picture became clearer for our stars who answered Al Jazeera Net's question, and all the answers were in favor of 3 teams, in order as follows: Brazil, Argentina and France, although Samba had the lion's share of expectations.

Here are the answers of 15 football stars to the question: Who will be the World Cup champion in Qatar?

  • Hassan Al-Thawadi, Secretary General of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, responsible for the local organization of the World Cup in Qatar, said, "Argentina. We are waiting to see the confrontation between England and France to determine whether one of them can compete for the title."

  • BN Sports journalist Mohamed Saadoun Al-Kuwari, "I expect Brazil or France to win, although I wish Argentina to win."

  • Ahmed Ben Yahia, Vice President of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), "I expect the World Cup title to go to South America, as the cup is between Brazil and Argentina."

Egyptian football stars

  • The star of Al-Ahly and the former Egyptian national team, Mohamed Abu Trika, "I hope Argentina will win the title, but I expect Brazil to be crowned."

  • Former Egypt goalkeeper Essam El-Hadary, “The title is between 3 teams: Brazil, Argentina and France.”

Essam El-Hadary (Al-Jazeera)

  • Former Egyptian star and coach Hamada Sedky, "I nominate, of course, the defending champions France, along with Brazil and Argentina, with their great value."

  • The star of Zamalek and the coach of the former Egyptian national team, Ahmed Suleiman, "The World Cup title is limited to France, Argentina and Brazil."

  • The star of Zamalek and the former Egyptian national team, Khaled Al-Ghandour, "Brazil is the first candidate for the title, followed by Argentina, then France is third for my nominations."

  • Former Egyptian international referee Abdel Hamid Radwan, "Brazil is the strongest so far and the closest to the title."

Moroccan football stars

  • Former Moroccan national team star Youssef Chibo "Brazil will be the champion."

  • The former star of the Moroccan national team, Abdelaziz Benig, "Brazil".

Youssef Sifri (Al Jazeera)

  • Former Moroccan national team star and Qatar coach Youssef Sifri (Brazil).

  • Former Moroccan star Rabih Al-Afoui, "Brazil is the champion because it is the only team that imposes its style on any match it plays."

Rafik Saifi (Al Jazeera)

African forecast

  • Former Algerian national team star Rafik Saifi "Brazil will crown the World Cup."

  • Former Senegal star Alassane N'Dour, "Brazil is closest to the title."

Alasan N'Dour (the island)