In the professional baseball Central League, Hanshin Koji Chikamoto, who won the title of stolen base king, is estimated to have renewed his contract for 170 million yen, an increase of 20 million yen from this season.

In his fourth season, Chikamoto stole 30 bases and won the title of king of stolen bases. Winner of the Nine and Golden Glove Awards.

Chikamoto held contract negotiations at the team office in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture on the 7th, and both contracts were renewed at 170 million yen, an estimated increase of 20 million yen from this season.

Chikamoto looked back at the season, saying, "Since my first year, I wanted to hit one a day, and this season, I was able to hit 30 games in a row."

Looking ahead to the next season when he will play under manager Akifu Okada, he said, "As a player, I'm looking forward to becoming the new manager and becoming the new Hanshin Tigers. Personally, I want to enjoy playing against pitchers and catchers." was