On December 5, local time, the 1/8 finals of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, the match between Brazil and South Korea was held at the 974 Stadium.

In the end, the Brazilian team defeated the South Korean team 4:1 and advanced to the top 8 of the World Cup.

The picture shows Brazil player Marquinhos (above) competing for a header.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  Chinanews.com, Beijing, December 6th (Reporter Wang Hao) With the happy celebration of the Brazilians, the South Korean team stopped at the top 16 of the World Cup in Qatar.

A few hours later, the Asian brother team Japan also lost in the penalty shootout.

Despite being out together, fans are mostly satisfied with Japan and South Korea's performance.

Instead, Brazil, which won the game, was scolded...

  With a 4-1 victory over South Korea, the five-star Brazil seems to have found the happy, smooth and imaginative self in Qatar.

After every goal, they dance the samba.

But this behavior made some fans feel uncomfortable.

Celebrating wantonly after leading by a big score, it seems to them that they disrespect their opponents.

Screenshot of social media.

Screenshot of social media.

  Of course, some Brazilian fans refuted it, thinking that this is Brazilian culture and has nothing to do with disrespect.

Screenshot of social media.

Screenshot of social media.

  Brazilian players probably didn't expect to be scolded for dancing to celebrate a goal.

In fact, whether it is a national team game or a club game, it is not uncommon for Brazilians to dance samba after scoring a goal. This is also part of Brazilian football culture.

Judging from the post-match performance, the atmosphere between Brazil and South Korea is quite harmonious.

Someone ridiculed that Samba defeated Hallyu Kpop 4:1.

Screenshot of social media.

  This game is the biggest difference in the 1/8 finals that have been played.

Some people use such emoticons to describe the situation on the field of the two teams...

Screenshot of social media.

  And despite the South Korean team's hard work, they still couldn't prevent Brazil's victory. Some people described it as like using a water pusher on the beach.

Screenshot of social media.

  Or a taekwondo contest with such disparity in strength...

Screenshot of social media.

  Perhaps because of such an obvious gap in strength, after the disastrous defeat of the South Korean team, there were not many negative voices on social media. Korean fans mainly encouraged the team.

  Some fans described the World Cup in Qatar as "a precious happy time that warms people's hearts."

This is the third time in the history of the South Korean team to qualify from the World Cup group stage. When they performed poorly in the first two rounds and stood on the edge of the cliff, they reversed and defeated the strong team Portugal and advanced to the knockout round. This is indeed a story that makes the fans very happy.

Screenshot of social media.

Screenshot of social media.

  Some fans said that they are more proud and proud of the performance of this team than anyone else in the world.

The fans are also looking forward to the performance of the South Korean team four years later.

Screenshot of social media.

Screenshot of social media.

  Judging from the results, this match day was not friendly to the Asian teams. Japan and South Korea were eliminated together. So far, all Asian teams have been eliminated.

The Japanese and South Korean teams, who have been in love with each other for many years, are the losers of this day.

But because they tried their best, they received a lot of applause and cheers after they failed.

On December 5, local time, in the 1/8 finals of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Croatian team defeated the Japanese team through a penalty shootout and entered the quarterfinals.

The picture shows Japanese players feeling down after the final whistle.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  In comparison, the Japanese team's exit is even more regrettable.

In the group stage, they defeated the two champion teams of Germany and Spain.

He advanced to the knockout stage as the first in the group, but lost to Croatia in a penalty shootout.

After the game, the head coach of the Japanese team, Mori Baoyi, bowed and apologized, and the players were also very sorry.

Screenshot of social media.

  But Japanese fans said that despite the frustrating results, they enjoyed the World Cup very much and looked forward to the Japanese team's comeback in four years' time.

Screenshot of social media.

  The outstanding performance of the Japanese team has also won the respect of many non-native fans. Some people say that they are not Japanese, but they very much hope that Japan will win.

Screenshot of social media.

  Some foreign fans said that the Japanese team had created an extraordinary World Cup, and they should hold their heads up.

Screenshot of social media.

Screenshot of social media.

  The performance of the Japanese team in the World Cup in Qatar has made people look forward to their future.

Screenshot of social media.

  Perhaps, the reaction of these fans is the charm of football.

On the green field, it is not only the victory or defeat, those sweating with all their strength, those figures who keep running, no matter what the result is, they are all worthy of respect.