On the 6th, the Major League Organization notified all 30 major league teams of Masanao Yoshida, who aims to transfer to the major leagues from professional baseball and Orix using the posting system, as a contractable player.

The negotiation period will be until the 20th of next month, and attention will be paid to where the slugger representing Japan will belong.

29-year-old Yoshida contributed to Orix's first victory in Japan in 26 years with a batting average of 30%, 3 minutes and 5 minutes, 21 home runs, and 88 RBIs in this season, which is his 7th year as a professional.

Last month, Orix applied for the application, expressing its intention to challenge the major league using the posting system, and on the 6th, the major league organization notified all 30 teams that Yoshida could be contracted.

The posting system allows major league teams to negotiate for 45 days. It means that it was set at 7:00 am on the day.

Yoshida's agent will be Scott Boras, who is known for his shrewdness and is in charge of pitcher Yusei Kikuchi of the Blue Jays.

Regarding Yoshida, the American media has reported that multiple major league teams want to acquire him, and attention will be paid to which team the slugger representing Japan will play for next season. .