Professional baseball Lotte's rookie players were announced to join the team, and Senshu University pitcher Riku Kikuchi, who was the first draft pick, said, "I want to be a pitcher who can be active from the first year and win 200 wins."

The announcement of Lotte's new players joining the team was held at the Lotte headquarters in Shinjuku, Tokyo on the 7th, with nine players nominated at the draft meeting and director Rihito Yoshii.

Of these, pitcher Kikuchi, who was ranked first in the draft, said, "I have a goal of becoming the Rookie of the Year, and I want to continue to be a force in the first army for one year from the first year. And I want to be a pitcher who can achieve 200 wins for a long time. '' he said enthusiastically.

He also mentioned Yu Darvish, who is active in the major leagues, as his target player, saying, "I've been dreaming about it since I was little. I want to overwhelm the world of professional baseball and eventually stand on the major stage." I set big goals.

Coach Yoshii said, "I have nothing but expectations. Listening to the goals of the players, I can rely on them. It's a pity that my name wasn't mentioned in the target players, but I'm satisfied if they play baseball cheerfully and cheerfully." I was talking.

Beginning in the new year, the new players will conduct joint voluntary training to prepare for the spring training camp starting in February.

other new players

Tenri University's Atsuki Tomosugi, who was second in the draft, said, "I want to be a player who can contribute to the team's victory from the first year, aiming for the opening 1st team. I want to be like Makoto Kosaka, who was active as an infielder at Lotte. I want to contribute to the team with solid defense."

Haruya Tanaka, a pitcher from Nihon Bunri High School, who was third in the draft, said, "I want to become a winning pitcher on the mound of the first army as soon as possible. Just like pitcher Aki Sasaki, who joined the team after graduating from high school, he will grow steadily and eventually I want to be a player who can carry the Hinomaru on his back and compete in the world."

Nippon Express pitcher Shuta Takano, who was ranked 4th in the draft, said, "As a left-handed pitcher, I want to do my best to become a force for the team from the opening game. I will pitch in 40 games, and I want to throw more than everyone's expectations." was talking

Urawa Gakuin's Yuta Kaneda, who was ranked 5th in the draft, said, "I want to be a player who can play for a long time as a shortstop with solid defense and wide-angle batting."

Pitcher Yuto Yoshikawa of Urawa Reimei High School, who ranked first in training, said, "I want to do my best in training so that I can go up to the 1st army and become a pitcher who can be a starter, a middleman, or anywhere, with the goal of registering under control."

Pitcher Kaiki Shirahama of Iizuka High School, who ranked second in training, said, "I'm still far from being in the first army, so I'd like to improve my straights by making the most of my height and work hard with the goal of registering under control. I want to be a player that surprises everyone,” he said.

Ryui Katsumata of Fujinomiya Higashi High School, who ranked 3rd in training, said, "I want to train so much that this uniform will be perfect, and I will do my best to become a force with the goal of registering under control."

Gakuho Ishikawa High School player Kaisei Kurokawa, who was born in his hometown of Chiba Prefecture and was ranked 4th in training, said, "Just like the Marines players gave me dreams when I was little, I can also give them dreams and hopes. I want to do my best to become a superstar," he said.