IOC = International Olympic Committee President Bach said on the 7th that Sapporo City will be bidding on the timing of deciding the venue for the 2030 Winter Olympics and Paralympics at the same time as the 2034 Games. He indicated his intention to make a decision by 2025.

IOC President Bach held an online press conference after the board meeting held in Lausanne, Switzerland on the 7th.

In this meeting, President Bach discussed the decision on when to decide on the venue for the 2030 Winter Games, which had been postponed until next autumn's General Assembly, at the Board of Directors meeting. If the decision is made at the same time, he said, "It's too late to make a decision in 2026. No matter how well-prepared the candidate site is, having only four years until 2030 is too short." He expressed his intention to decide by 2025, which is within the

The IOC postponed the decision on the venue for the 2030 Games, which Sapporo City is promoting, saying that it was necessary to have a deeper discussion on the nature of the winter Games due to the effects of global warming. It was pointed out that the preparation period would be shortened.