In the round of 16 match between Korea and Brazil, it was pointed out that the dance ceremony performed by Brazilian players whenever they scored was against the spirit of sports.

Yesterday (6th) in the round of 16 match between Korea and Brazil, Brazil won 4-1 and advanced to the quarterfinals.

Every time the Brazilian players scored a goal, they danced and enjoyed the ceremony leisurely.

Regarding this, Roy Keane, who is called an Irish football legend, pointed out that 'It's a dance contest' and 'Even if it can be done when the first goal is scored, it is not good to do it every time and even have the manager join in.'

He then criticized, "Brazilian soccer is often called samba soccer, but it is an act of disrespect for the opposing team."

Chichi, the coach of the Brazilian national soccer team, explained that 'only the players have a language' and 'everyone said they had to dance, so we prepared together' and 'it was not my intention to undermine the opponents'.