A Croatian model, who became a hot topic in Qatar, which belongs to the conservative Islamic culture, wearing a bold revealing costume and visiting the stadium, is getting hit by a mocking post that seems to imply Japan this time.

Yesterday (6th) German-Croatian model Ivana Knoll, 30, posted a short video of herself eating sushi on her social media account.

The video shows her model Ivana eating her sushi while wearing something similar to her Croatian national team uniform.

On this day, the round of 16 match between Japan and Croatia was scheduled, and a Croatian national model uploaded a video of eating sushi, Japan's representative food.

In the post, she added a smiley emoticon along with a short comment, "Today's menu is only sushi," adding the meaning of her mockery.

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Previously, Ivana uploaded a picture of herself with sushi and posted a post saying, "Japan! We're ready!"

Netizens who saw this commented, "Is Japan a prey?" It's embarrassing to post it".

In the round of 16 match held afterwards, Japan continued to draw 1-1 against Croatia until overtime, but eventually lost 1-3 in a penalty shootout. "Japan is a strong country that has shown what Asian football is all about," he continued, saying, "Japan did not play a game worthy of being ridiculed.

" In an interview with TMZ Sports, he said, "I didn't know that exposure would be a big problem," but "the residents were willing to wear whatever I wanted." He confirmed that he could."

(Photo = @knolldoll Instagram)