China News Service, December 7th. With the 6:1 victory over Switzerland, the Portuguese team took the last train to the quarter-finals and successfully advanced to the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar.

Ronaldo, the captain, congratulated the team after the game.

The picture shows Ronaldo paying tribute to the fans after the game.

  Facing the Swiss team, Portuguese coach Santos adjusted his lineup. Ronaldo did not start this game. He came off the bench in the 73rd minute.

In the game, Ronaldo scored a strong shot, but the goal was invalid due to offside.

But in the end the Portuguese team still achieved a big victory.

  The last time the Portuguese team entered the World Cup quarter-finals was in 2006, when they finally won the fourth place.

After reaching the quarter-finals, Portugal's next opponent is Morocco.

  After the game, Ronaldo updated his social media and said, "For Portugal, this is an incredible day, achieving historic results in the biggest football event in the world."

  Ronaldo even praised the team for being young and talented, and said that the dream is still there, "Come on, Portugal!" (End)