WBO champion Paul Butler, who will face three-group unified champion Naoya Inoue, will come to Japan in the professional boxing bantamweight four-team unification match to be held on the 13th of this month, saying, "This will be the biggest challenge." I talked about my intentions.

The 4-group bantamweight unification match to be held at Ariake Arena in Tokyo on December 13 will be WBA = World Boxing Association, WBC = World Boxing Council, IBF = International Boxing Federation 3-group unified champion Inoue and WBO. =British Butler, who is the champion of the World Boxing Organization, will compete.

Butler, who came to Japan on the morning of the 6th for the match, responded to an interview at Haneda Airport, saying, "I can't tell you the details, but I think I was well prepared. I think it will be the biggest challenge in the bantamweight division. I am,” he said enthusiastically.

He also said, “I made most of my preparations before coming to Japan, so I just need to make some adjustments before going into the match.”

34-year-old Butler has a variety of attacks that make use of his speed.

In April this year, he was scheduled to challenge WBO champion Johnreal Casimero, but the match was canceled due to Casimero's violation of the rules, and instead he won the WBO interim title decision match and became interim champion. I was.

In May, Casimero was stripped of his title and officially promoted to WBO champion.

The unification of the four major group titles is the world's first achievement in the bantamweight division, and attention will be focused on whether Inoue or Butler will rewrite the history of the boxing world.