England's Raheem Sterling, who advanced to the quarterfinals at the World Cup Qatar tournament, will leave the national team and return home.

British public broadcaster BBC reports that armed individuals broke into his family's home.

In the first round of the World Cup Qatar tournament, England won against Senegal on the 5th (Japan time) to advance to the quarter-finals for the second consecutive tournament.

England representative Raheem Sterling did not participate in this match, and the British public broadcaster BBC reported that an armed person broke into Sterling's home in England on the night of the 3rd.

England manager Southgate announced Sterling's return to England after the game against Senegal, saying: "Sometimes football isn't the most important thing, family should be first. We will see what happens next." I talked to

Southgate did not disclose details of the damage or his return.

Sterling was active in offense and defense, scoring a goal in the match against Iran in the first league.

England will face France in the quarterfinals on the 10th, Japan time on the 11th.