China News Service, December 5th, Beijing time, December 4th, Beijing time, December 4th, Qatar World Cup quarter-finals continued.

With the 36-year-old veteran Giroud scoring and Mbappe scoring twice, the defending champion France defeated Poland 3:1 and advanced to the quarterfinals.

Giroud surpassed the legendary Henry to become the top scorer in French team history.

French player Giroud scored the moment.

  The French team secured the top spot with two wins and one loss in the previous group stage, breaking the curse of "the defending champion stops the group stage".

While a front line led by Mbappe, Giroud and Griezmann remains talented and efficient, conceding goals in the past three games has alarmed France's defence.

  In contrast, the Polish team, with their direct competitors Mexico and Saudi Arabia in the final round, they ranked second in the group with a goal difference advantage.

Facing the powerful French team, Lewandowski, who finally found the World Cup goal target, is their only reliance. At the same time, they need to reduce mistakes in defense.

  In the 28th minute, Frankowski made a mistake in stopping the ball in midfield, Griezmann stole the ball and advanced through the pass, Ousmane Dembele put in a horizontal push, and Giroud outflanked the empty goal and missed it.

In the 35th minute, Poland made a mistake in passing the ball in the backcourt and was cut off. Griezmann split the side. Mbappe broke through a feint to dunk Cash and then shot from a small angle and was resolved by Szczesny.

  In the 38th minute, Bereshinski cut into the penalty area from the left and made a murderous attempt. Zelinski pushed the ball too squarely and was saved by Lori. Kaminski made another shot from a small angle and was caught by Varane. rescue.

In the 43rd minute, Mbappe went straight to the ribs, and Giroud inserted into the penalty area and scored. He surpassed Henry with 52 goals and became the top scorer in the history of the French team. France led 1:0.

French player Kylian Mbappe (blue) scores the moment.

  In the 58th minute of the second half, Giroud vacated the penalty area and scored with an upside-down golden hook. The referee ruled that Varane violated Szczesny's previous goal and invalidated it.

In the 73rd minute, Griezmann's long pass in the penalty area instigated a three-line counterattack. Giroud scored the ball and moved forward to open the defense. Ousmane Dembele crossed accurately and transferred to the empty space. Mbappe received the ball and scored. France sealed the victory 2:0.

  In stoppage time, Marcus Thuram sent an assist, and Mbappe scored twice with a shot. France 3:0. This is also his fifth goal in this tournament. 9 World Cup goals also tied Messi.

Then Poland attacked, Grosicki made a pass, Yu Pamecano handballed in the penalty area, VAR intervened, and the referee awarded a penalty kick.

  After Lewandowski's point shot was thrown, he made a heavy penalty. Poland regained a point at 1:3.

In the end, the French team defeated their opponents by 2 goals and advanced to the quarterfinals.

Their opponents in the quarter-finals will be the winner between England and Senegal.