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this tournament, coach Bento has diversified his tactics by using 'long ball' with long passes based on build-up soccer.

In Brazil, where forward pressure is strong, increasing the accuracy of the long ball rather than build-up is expected to be the key to victory.

This is reporter Ha Seong-ryong.

<Reporter Ha Seong-ryong>

Hwang In-beom, who received the ball through Kim Min-jae and Jung Woo-young in the defensive camp, accurately delivered the ball to Kim Jin-su, who dug into the back left space with a surprise long pass from behind the half line.

Coach Bento, who has been sticking to the rear build-up for the past four years, is using a variety of tactics that add this 'long ball' at the Qatar World Cup.

If you look at the statistics of 'long passes' that deliver balls over 30m, Korea is in second place with 291, one behind Denmark based on the group stage.

Among field players excluding goalkeepers, central defender Kim Young-kwon is 4th overall with 49 shots.

Kim Young-gwon, Hwang In-beom, and Jung Woo-young's long pass was accurately received by Cho Kyu-seong, who took first place in the aerial competition among players from 32 countries, and increased the speed of the attack.

Bentuho, who brought himself into a crisis by losing the ball to the opponent's pressure while building up from the rear in an evaluation match with Brazil in June, is likely to use the long pass as the main attack route in this round of 16.

If Cho Kyu-seong, who did not participate in the evaluation match, takes control of the supply, a quick counterattack is possible with 'long ball soccer'.

[Park Ji-seong/SBS Commentator: Now, in the end, you have to fight or fight in front of the ball in the air, so in the end, Hwang Hee-chan or Son Heung-min can aim for the falling balls...


The Taegeuk Warriors are also preparing for the match against Brazil, reflecting on the lessons from the evaluation match.

[Hwang In-beom/Soccer national team midfielder: Confidence that we will not be able to show mistakes like the friendly match in last June, I feel that I have improved so much as a team, so I am confident in any team…


Bentuho's tactics, which he worked hard for 4 years, are running toward a new history, evolving more colorfully in the World Cup.

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