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first place to change the stadium and play the round of 16 is '974 Stadium'.

It is a temporary stadium made of container boxes, so there is no air conditioning and the grass condition is not very good.

Reporter Bae Jeong-hoon has been there beforehand.


Container boxes of various colors are piled up on the outer wall of the stadium right next to the sea.

Even at a glance, this unusual appearance is the 974 Stadium where we will play the round of 16.

Let's go in and see what it looks like.

From the inside toilet to the beverage outlet, everything is made of container boxes.

It is made of 974 container boxes, according to Qatar's international calling country code.

[Yasir Al Jamal/Secretary General of the Supreme Heritage Commission: 974 Stadium is a very unique stadium in terms of its design and sustainability.] It

is a temporary stadium that will be demolished after the tournament, and it is the only one among the eight stadiums in this tournament that does not have air conditioning. .

It relies on the sea breeze from the sea to cool off, but during the day, the internal temperature is high, so all games are played at night.

Six group matches were held here, and many players complained about the poor turf conditions and struggled to adapt.

Even at the time the reporters visited, the work of filling in the hollowed-out grass was in full swing.

While Brazil completed their adaptation by playing the group stage against Switzerland earlier at this stadium, our players did not have a chance to adapt because they played 3 games only at the pleasant Education City Stadium and took a break yesterday (3rd) instead of exploring the stadium. .

In addition, unlike Brazil, which played two of the three group stage matches at 10:00 pm local time, the Korean national team, which played the last three matches at 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm, was unfamiliar in many ways with the round of 16, which will be held at 10:00 pm, in an unfamiliar environment. Adapting quickly is expected to be a variable in the game.

(Video coverage: Yoo Dong-hyeok, Video editing: Nam Il, CG: Lee Jun-ho, Lee Jong-jeong)