, Beijing, December 4th, title: Messi waited 16 years for this goal

  Author Liu Xingchen

  In the 1000th game of his career, Messi scored his first goal in the knockout round of the World Cup.

  From 2006 to the present, the Argentine striker has waited 16 years for this.

The picture shows Argentina player Messi holding the ball

  In the past night, it was difficult to have other protagonists in the World Cup.

Leo Messi ushered in a milestone night that belongs only to him.

Messi, milestone

  In the early morning of the 4th Beijing time, at the Ahmed Ben Ali Stadium, the Argentine team defeated the Australian team 2:1 and advanced to the top 8 of the World Cup in Qatar.

It was Messi again who opened the scoring for the "Pampas Eagle".

  In fact, after the start of the game, although the Argentine team had the advantage of the scene, the Australians also controlled the defense very well.

Their defensive fortress made it difficult for the Argentine to penetrate the ball into the penalty area to create a threat.

The picture shows the moment when Argentina player Messi shoots

  In the 35th minute of the game, Otamendi made a wall in the penalty area, squeezing out a small shooting space for Messi.

The gap is only 20 to 30 centimeters, and the opportunity is fleeting, so fast that it can even be measured in milliseconds.

  But for Messi, that's enough.

After he cut inside, he completed a low shot. The ball wiped the ground and avoided the Australian's "encirclement" and rolled into the dead corner of the goal.

  This is Messi's 789th goal in 1,000 games, and it is also the goal that helped Argentina open up their hopes of promotion.

  Many people say that Messi will also grow old, he is already 35 years old.

When the live broadcast zoomed in from the distant view, and then zoomed in again, Messi and his teammates embraced each other affectionately. In the close-up picture, his beard gathered from his temples was already a little gray.

The picture shows Argentina player Messi with the ball

  Yes, Messi is old, even the "Heaven's Proud Son" in the population cannot escape the baptism of time.

  But the Argentine is far from the twilight of the hero.

With this low shot, his World Cup goals reached 9, surpassing his predecessors Maradona and Stabile, and occupying the second place in the history of Argentina's World Cup team.

It is only one goal away from Batistuta, who is in front of him.

  After the goal, the Argentine fans worshiped their king.

As everyone knows, how many "Blue and White Legion" fans will say the phrase "Messi is worth it" in front of the screen.

  This is Messi's fifth World Cup journey, as he said before, maybe this is really the last time.

The picture shows the moment when Argentina player Messi shoots


  After this game, Messi has played 23 games for the Argentine team on the World Cup stage, and won the World Cup appearance king in team history.

  Time flies, Messi also spent 16 years to achieve this achievement.

  "Junior Messi ushered in the first game of this World Cup."

  16 years ago, when he ushered in the World Cup debut in Germany, Messi wore the No. 19 jersey. At that time, the young boy still had long flowing hair.

  A little nervous, he adjusted his jersey a few times and ran to the field quickly.

As soon as the screen turned, Maradona in the stands was already announcing to the world: Look, that is Messi, the future owner of the "Pampas Eagle".

Data map: The then Argentine coach Pekerman comforted Messi

  After cutting into the opponent's penalty area from the baseline, Messi assisted Crespo with a wonderful pass to complete the goal.

Then he received a pass from his teammate, faced the goalkeeper calmly and scored a goal.

  This is Messi's World Cup debut, which is so amazing that it is unbelievable.

Just after this game, Argentine fans were intoxicated by his football art and couldn't extricate themselves.

  Gradually, whenever the Argentine team failed to open the situation, people would always think of Messi.

Even if he is strictly guarded by three or four opponents, his teammates always try their best to pass the ball to his feet.

Data map: On July 3, 2010, in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in South Africa, after Argentina lost to Germany, Maradona hugged and comforted Messi.

  When the old boy is no longer young, Messi has played 169 times for the Argentine national team, scoring 94 goals and contributing 51 assists.

Even though these years have been used to being left behind by Messi one by one, seeing these numbers is still a bit shocking.

fly against the wind

  The Qatar World Cup, everything that the Argentine team has experienced, can not be said to be smooth sailing.

  After the upset loss to the Saudi team in the first game, many people even felt that it was an unrealistic fantasy for the Argentine to win the Hercules Cup this time.

  Now, this good show of "drive low and go high" is not over yet.

In the quarter-finals, the Argentines will face the Dutch team, the "Oranje" who advanced first.

The real challenge is about to come.

The picture shows the Argentine player Messi shooting

  Since it is flying against the wind, how can the "Pampas Eagle" be afraid of the thorns on the road.

  Before the start of the game, Argentine midfielder Paredes posted a cartoon.

At the top of the picture, Messi leads Paredes, DePaul, Alvarez and Romero when they were young, and the lower part is the picture of the five fighting side by side.

The picture shows three Australian players defending Messi

  Perhaps, the Argentine players have also realized that this will be the last time they will fight with Messi in the World Cup.

  "Messi's left foot is like a putter. He turned the restricted area in Australia into his own green." This rather artistic commentary became the perfect footnote for Messi's milestone night.

  The hustle and bustle of the stadium has subsided, and Messi and Argentina are one step closer to their dreams.

The World Cup in Qatar belongs to the story of the blue and white jerseys, which is to be continued.