I will start with the news of the Qatar World Cup, a fun challenge.

Our national team started training again before the match against Brazil in the round of 16.

Qatar local connection.

Reporter Kim Young-seong, how was the training atmosphere?


Yes, our players took a sweet break yesterday (3rd), such as resting at the accommodation or meeting their families, and even Kim Min-jae, who is undergoing rehabilitation, prepared for the game against Brazil in a bright mood.

Although the opponent is the champion of the FIFA rankings, the national team is determined to continue the current momentum.

After recharging their bodies and minds, the athletes returned to the training ground with bright faces.

The national team showed confidence by extending the training time by 15 minutes to the public for 40 minutes.

Brazilian journalists also competed fiercely among Korean reporters.

Defender Kim Min-jae came out with a bandage on his calf and showed some signs of recovery, such as running lightly and kicking a ball for the first time since the match against Ghana.

After talking with coach Bento, Kim Min-jae improved his condition by riding a bicycle separately, but it is still unclear whether he will participate in the match against Brazil.

Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan, who jointly scored the winning goal against Portugal, worked together while training in the same group.

The movements of Lee Kang-in and Cho Kyu-sung also looked very lively, and the defense team against the world's strongest Brazilian striker increased their concentration in training.

[Kim Young-kwon/Soccer team defender: Miracles will definitely happen, and we know well what the players have to do for miracles, so we will prepare hard for one more miracle to happen.]

Coach Bento, who is returning from the bench in the match against Brazil, said, “The world’s strongest Brazil .”

He raised his confidence by being bold and confrontational.

The Taegeuk Warriors are determined to take on a great challenge, saying that they will continue the momentum of defeating Portugal.

(Video coverage: Lee Byeong-ju·Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Lee Jung-taek)