2022 International Football Federation) It was predicted that the probability of advancing to the quarterfinals of Taegeuk Warriors, who faced Brazil, the 'eternal championship candidate' in the round of 16 of the Qatar World Cup, was predicted to be the lowest among 16 countries.

According to data released by Gracenote, a data company affiliated with Nielsen in the United States, Korea has a 23% chance of passing Brazil in the round of 16, which will be held at Stadium 974 in Doha at 4 am on the 6th.

Conversely, Brazil has the highest probability of 77%.

Australia, who will meet Argentina, is counted as 24%, and Senegal, who is about to face England, is 32%, following Korea and ahead of a tough fight.

Japan, who will face Croatia, was evaluated as relatively doable with a 42% chance of advancing to the quarterfinals.

Gracenote predicted that Brazil would beat South Korea, meet Croatia in the quarterfinals, beat Argentina in the semifinals and then beat Spain to win the title.

Data specialist Opta gave a more pessimistic outlook on Taegeuk Warriors.

The odds of overcoming Brazil and progressing to the quarterfinals were 14.41%, 15th out of 16, narrowly ahead of Australia, who was predicted to be 13.78%.

British BBC reporter Chris Sutton, nicknamed the 'human octopus' for his high hit rate in this tournament, also predicted that Brazil would advance to the quarterfinals.

Reporter Sutton predicted that Korea would beat Portugal 1-0, and Uruguay would beat Ghana 2-1 to advance Korea to the round of 16.

Reporter Sutton said, "Korea showed organizational power in the match against Portugal, but I don't think it has enough power to bother Brazil."

However, even if all the data predicts Brazil's victory, because the soccer ball is round, Korea may win against Brazil and advance to the quarterfinals.

Just looking at the probability of advancing to the round of 16 that Gracenote predicted ahead of the third round of Group H, Uruguay was the highest at 49%, Ghana at 41%, and Korea at 11%.

Taegeuk Warrior, who has passed through the 11% chance and settled in the round of 16, challenges a pleasant rebellion once again.

(Photo = Yonhap News)