Regarding Kaoru Mitoma's crossball, which led to Japan's winning goal in the Japan-Spain match, FIFA (International Football Federation) said on its official Twitter account, "We have obtained evidence that the entire ball did not go outside." explained.

In the first league match between Japan and Spain held on December 1st, Japan time on December 2nd, Mitoma just barely managed to turn the ball that was about to cross the goal line, leading to Aoi Tanaka's winning goal. I was.

In this scene, a referee called VAR (Video Assistant Referee) made a video judgment and the goal was recognized.

Regarding this, FIFA posted on the official Twitter, along with a video of the play taken from the side of the goal line, ``I checked the video to see if part of the ball was on the line.''

He then explained, ``It may be misleading with other cameras, but we have evidence that the whole ball is not out.''