, December 3rd. In the final round of the Qatar World Cup Group H match that ended this morning, the South Korean team reversed and defeated Portugal 2:1, qualifying as second in the group.

Among the six AFC teams that qualified for the finals of this World Cup, three have entered the round of 16.

korean team in game

  Before this round, the Portuguese team, which had won two consecutive victories, had already qualified ahead of schedule, and South Korea, Uruguay, and Ghana competed for another promotion spot.

The South Korean team is only eligible to see the results of another game if they beat Portugal, otherwise they will be out of the game.

  The two teams tied 1:1 in the first half.

In stoppage time, Sun Xingmin assisted Huang Xican to score after a long-distance attack.

In the end, the South Korean team defeated Portugal 2:1 and qualified as second in the group.

Japan team in game

  So far, three AFC teams have entered the top sixteen of this World Cup.


  The Australian team ranked second in Group D with 6 points and faced Argentina in the quarter-finals;

  The Japanese team ranked first in Group E with 6 points and will face Croatia in the quarter-finals;

  The South Korean team ranked second in Group H with 4 points, and they faced the first place in Group G in the quarter-finals, with a high probability of Brazil.

Australian team in game

  In addition, although the Saudi team and the Iranian team were eliminated, they also won the group stage.

The host team, Qatar, lost all three games and was out sadly.