In the first round of the World Cup Qatar tournament, Tunisia won 1-0 in Group D against France.

Tunisia increased their points to 4, but finished 3rd in their group, failing to advance to the knockout stages for the first time.

The match was held at the Education City Stadium near Doha from 0:00 am Japan time on the 1st.

Tunisia, who needed a win to advance to the knockout rounds, attacked France from the first half, who had already secured their place in the knockout rounds and kept their main strengths such as ace Kylian Mbappé.

Then, in the 13th minute of the second half, captain Wafbi Hazli stole the ball in the midfield and dribbled into it, scoring the team's first goal of the tournament with a left-footed shot in the end.

In the 18th minute, France returned to their attacking rhythm by bringing in key players such as Mbappe coming on as a substitute.

Just before the end, substitute Antoine Griezmann shot a loose ball from a crossball and shook the net.

In the match, Tunisia won the match 1-0 and increased their points to 4, but in the same group match, Australia beat Denmark and gained 6 points, so they finished 3rd in the group and did not advance to the finals tournament for the first time. I did.

On the other hand, France, who lost the match, only had 6 points, but advanced to the knockout stages by defending the top spot in the group due to the difference in goals scored.

France manager Deschamps "Today's choice will be used in the final T"

Didier Deschamps, France's coach, changed nine starting players from the second match, and commented on the loss to Tunisia, saying, "It was very difficult because we brought in a lot of new players, but for the players who participated, it was a World Cup match. I think it was a good experience that was different from usual. Although the last goal was disallowed, we played quite well in the closing stages, so we deserved to tie the score.”

On top of that, regarding the fact that they advanced to the finals tournament by defending the 1st place in the group with the goal difference, "I think today's choice will be useful in the finals tournament, and since I was able to achieve my goal of being 1st, I want to recover well and prepare." I talked to