Suspicions have been raised that Qatar, the host country of the World Cup, paid money to hire cheerleaders to cheer up the stadium.

On the 25th of last month, in the World Cup Group A group match between Qatar and Senegal, what attracted as much attention as the game was a group of men wearing dark brown shirts with 'Qatar' written on them.

About 1,500 men raised the atmosphere with their slogans and cheering songs in perfect order.

The New York Times reported that 'most of this enthusiastic cheering squad are part-timers from Lebanon'.

As criticism continued that there was no soccer culture in Qatar until just before the World Cup, passionate soccer fans from Lebanon, Egypt, and Algeria were invited during the group stage for a while.

It is said that they have decided to provide not only flights, but also lodging, stadium tickets, and labor costs.

It is said that they gathered in mid-October, a month before the tournament, and started a full-fledged cheering practice.

However, as Qatar failed to advance to the round of 16, this cheering squad also boarded a flight home.