The first seven participants in the round of sixteen have already been determined, and three more will be added this Wednesday.

One team that has progressed before the final group game is France.

The 2018 world champion won both games in the preliminary round and is no longer under pressure in the duel with Tunisia.

In the other three games of the day, everything is still at stake.

The World Cup forecast by Daniel Memmert and Fabian Wunderlich shows how great the probability is for each team.

Tobias Rabe

Responsible editor for Sport Online.

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In Group D, in which the French are already further along, everything is at stake for Denmark in the final game (4:00 p.m. CET in the FAZ live ticker for the World Cup on MagentaTV) against Australia.

Without a win it's over for the eleven that were in the semi-finals of the European Championship last year.

But the chances are good.

In 2018 the Danes reached the round of 16, Australia was not at the World Cup at the time.

Denmark is also ahead in the world rankings (10 to 38) and the average market value of the players (13.6 million euros to 1.5).

All in all, based on the betting market, the winning probability is 63.3 percent.

The French, winners of 2018, in their game against Tunisia (4:00 p.m. CET in the FAZ live ticker for the World Cup, on ZDF on MagentaTV) don’t really care.

They're through and almost certainly top of the group with a six-goal lead over Australia.

Also, they are favorites.

In the world rankings (4th place to 30) and in market value (42.8 to 2.2), they are as clearly ahead as in the World Cup forecast.

There, 60.5 percent speak for the third French victory in the third World Cup game at the finals in Qatar.

In Group C, everything is at stake in the evening games (8 p.m. CET in the FAZ live ticker for the World Cup on MagentaTV).

No team has already been eliminated, everyone still has a chance.

Poland with Robert Lewandowski meets Lionel Messi's Argentine.

The facts speak clearly for the South Americans, both in the world rankings (rank 3 to 26) and in terms of market values ​​(24.3 to 9.8).

This is also reflected in the probabilities for the three points: 66.8 percent of them go to the Argentines and thus progress.

In the parallel game (8 p.m. CET in the FAZ live ticker for the soccer World Cup, on ZDF and on MagentaTV), Saudi Arabia meets Mexico, which at least made it to the round of 16 in 2018, while the opponent was not qualified at all.

There are also clear differences in the world rankings (13th place to 51st) and in market values ​​(6.7 to 1).

The same applies to the probability of victory, which speaks for Mexico at 57.5 percent.

The team could still overtake Poland in second place if the Argentines also win as forecast.