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  • Following this Wednesday from the end of the first round of the World Cup.

    Make way for groups C and D, those of France and Argentina. 

  • The matches of each group will take place at the same time, just to avoid small arrangements between friends...

  • In Group D at 4 p.m., the Blues will try to make the pass of three with the second team, while the Danes are under pressure before facing Australia.

  • At 8 p.m., one of the big favorites of the competition, Argentina, will hold its breath before the match against Poland.

    Almost obligatory victory for Messi and his partners not to return to Buenos Aires with their heads down. 


Hop hop hop, we don't let up.

The World Cup continues this Wednesday with the rest of the last group matches.

Place in the group of France, quiet mimille with its qualif already in pocket.

It is not Denmark, however, who play very big against Australia.

Obligatory victory for the semi-finalist of the last Euro not to go home earlier than expected.

Then at 8 p.m., we will see if Leo Messi will still save his selection and prevent him from sinking.

At the end of these meetings, we will have two new posters for the round of 16.

And then we will closely follow everything that happens, small and big things, today in Qatar. 

>> Are you ready?

Come on, we're off to another day of the World Cup...

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