• Already qualified for the 8th and almost certain to finish first in its group, the France team should face Tunisia with a second team on Wednesday.

  • In addition to blowing the executives, this will also allow the coach to keep everyone awake, which is essential for the atmosphere of the group.

  • If the third group matches in 2014 and 2018 had given birth to sad 0-0, it could be different against the Carthage Eagles.

    We tell you why.

From our Special Envoy in Doha,

A little advice for budding boycotters of this 2022 World Cup: if you finally broke down at the last moment and pressed the ON button on your television to watch the first two matches of the Blues, don't panic, there's still time to catch up. Wednesday and salvage what little dignity you have left.

Already qualified for the round of 16 and 99.9999999% sure of finishing first in their group, the France team will therefore face Denmark in a match for lard near the Cité de l'éducation stadium, in Al-Rayyan.

On paper, everything indicates that we risk attending a meeting that is not really sexy.

We remember these two soporific 0-0 against Ecuador in 2014 and Denmark in 2018, where we ended up groaning on the sofa as in front of a flat stage on the Tour de France.

The only thing this year is that with their somewhat fiddly start to their career and the dynamic that emanates from this group, the Blues ended up making us optimistic.

And if finally we witnessed a match not so musty?

Nope ?

Yes. Here's why.

  • Because Mbappe

Deschamps tried to drown the fish and make us believe that he still had doubts about Mbappé's tenure on Wednesday, explaining to us that well, you understand, you don't have all the information I have in time real blablabla.

Not ours Didier.

Physically in full swing and with a gauge of confidence to match, Kylian Mbappé does not intend to leave his part to the dog.

And if Kylian wants to play, Kylian will play.

So Kylian will play.

Current top scorer in all the competitions in which he is involved this season (Ligue 1, Champions League and World Cup), the French number 10 does not want to miss an opportunity to widen the gap with his pursuers (Messi, Richarlison, Saka and many others).

If his number one objective is of course to finish world champion, that of finishing at the top of the scoring charts comes just behind.

We could therefore already stop this paper there because if the boss of Bondy is motivated, there is little chance that this match against Tunisia will end in 0-0.

  • Because the substitutes are hot

Deschamps repeated it many times: "If (having a group that lives well together) doesn't win you matches, it can make you lose some".

To keep everyone concerned and physically on top, the Blues staff therefore organized two friendly matches against two local teams, Al-Gharafa first, then Al Ahli, for two 4-0 and 2-0 victories for the substitutes. tricolors.

Even if nothing obviously replaces the rhythm and intensity of a real World Cup match, those who are commonly called "hairdressers" are therefore ready to take the stage and perform, with the idea that this third match is a good opportunity to show yourself in the eyes of the coach.

In the event that a player is injured, which has not been ruled out for a while now.

This is also the opinion of Claude Puel, whom we launched on the subject: “It is a homogeneous group, the players are not far from each other.

There is a backbone, but in some positions there is competition.

It creates an emulation, which helps for the mentality of the group.

This match will help keep everyone alert, and especially that those who play less are ready for the future because, as we can see, there are a lot of injuries in this World Cup.

  • Because young people have teeth that scratch the lawn

The expression is pejorative and does not transcribe our point well.

We reformulate: the young people have integrated perfectly into the France team and, even if they show respect for the captains of this group, they are not lacking in ambition.

We remember Axel Disasi, surprise among the surprises of the list of 25 in defense, who told us straight in the eye at the start of the World Cup that he had not come to "enjoy the sun".

Spent the same day in conf, Youssouf Fofana surprised us with his frankness: “As a young arrival, we come to find out but as a competitor, I will do everything to earn my place while respecting my teammates.

“Same at Camavinga, when a colleague asked him if the time had come for young people to take power in the France team.

Cash answer: “Yes, we must be keen to show what we are worth.

We are the new generation.

Even if there are still a lot of experienced players, we have to show that we deserve to be there.

“We can hardly make it any clearer, we will now have to assume on Wednesday.

  • Because it's Tunisia

Playing against the Eagles of Carthage is never trivial for a country like France which has a huge Tunisian community within it.

This is what Hugo Lloris recalled a week ago at a press conference, even if he was left responsible for the end of his remarks: “There is a large Tunisian community in France, mostly friends”.

Ok Hugo, ok… What is certain is that the red and white people will be present in numbers at the stadium on Wednesday, as they have been in every match since the start of the World Cup, and that the atmosphere should push the 22 actors to give us a good show.

Especially since the men of Jalel Kadri play their qualification in 8th against the Blues.

  • Because Camavinga is a super left-back at 11 years old

Forced to rest Theo Hernandez, the only left side (almost) by trade in this group since the injury of his brother Lucas, Deschamps finds himself naked on this side, as was the case during the last Euro with the packages the Bayern defender, already, and Lucas Digne.

It is therefore Eduardo Camavinga who has been appointed to occupy this position against the Tunisians, the boy having for him to be left-handed, which necessarily helps when choosing the coach.

And if some might fear for the performance of the Madrid player in this position, rest assured, DD knows what he is doing.

Do you think, "Cama" has experience in this position.

Well yes, he played left side when he had 11 years in Fougères (that's true), from memory it was against the US Tinténiac Saint-Domineuc (that's wrong).

We are reassured.


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