The final standings for the third and fourth groups in the World Cup... a sad Arab day

Today's World Cup matches for the third and fourth groups have ended, where 8 teams have officially advanced to the round of 16, while they also bid farewell to the World Cup after mixed results and performances from one team to another. Today's matches in the third round witnessed strength and struggle until the last moments of the two matches, and the Polish team climbed Despite the loss, thanks to a gift from the Saudi national team and a goal against Mexico

Today witnessed a sad Arab exit for two teams that succeeded in achieving historic victories after bidding farewell to the Saudi team after a historic victory over Argentina.

The results of the third round came as Argentina won and topped the group after defeating Poland with two goals for free. Mexico also beat Saudi Arabia in a large crowd match, but the two teams bid farewell to the tournament after they finished third and fourth, respectively.

Match results

Argentina - Poland 2-0

Saudi Arabia - Mexico 1-2

Final standings for Group C:

Argentina 6 points ,

Poland 4 points ,

Mexico 4 points

, Saudi Arabia 3 points

As for the fourth group, it witnessed a historic victory for Tunisia over France, but it was not enough for France to top the group and knock Tunisia out after a historic victory over the world champion. In the second match, the Australian team succeeded in achieving a resounding surprise and advanced to the round of 16 after defeating Denmark.

Match results

France - Tunisia 0-1

Australia - Denmark 1-0

Final standings for Group D:

France 6 points ,

Australia 6 points

, Tunisia 4 points

, Denmark 1 point

The result of today's matches and the conclusion of the third and fourth groups,

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