• The Blues lost in a tasteless match with a very changed team composition against Tunisia (0-1)

  • A setback which does not change anything on the merits since the Blues are qualified for the 8th as first of hen, but which confirms that the tricolor substitutes do not all have the level. 

From our Special Envoy in Doha,

We didn't want to believe that this third match against Tunisia would be different from those, also for butter, of 2014 and 2018, and it was in a sense since this time we didn't draw but we totally lost.

It still took the intervention of the VAR to cancel a goal from Griezmann after the end of added time to come to this.

But in the content, and perhaps also in the composition, we expected better from the coach and his hairdressers.

Some choices will be questionable and we will have time to discuss them between now and the round of 16 on Sunday.

In the meantime, the Blues are first in their group and have not lost anyone to injury.

This is the main thing for Didier Deschamps and his staff.

A DD who has also been able to see that between his usual titus and his bis team, it is not one or two levels of difference that there is, but an unfathomable chasm.

Ban on losing anyone to injury now.

Deschamps did it to us backwards.

And to think that we believed him when he told us that there was no question of “dustering” this match for peanuts against Tunisia.

Naive as we are… Seeing the XI lined up by Didier Deschamps, Wednesday evening, near the Cité de l’éducation stadium (they could have gone longer too), with nine changes from the victorious Denmark team four days earlier, but especially seeing the positions of some – Disasi right side, Guendouzi left midfielder or Camavinga left side, and Veretout, period – we can not help but suspect that DD has lost a bet.

Like “I'm sure you're not good!


Well yes, cap.

The first period was therefore no surprise but a long ordeal, especially for Camavinga in his left lane on which the Tunisians, not idiots, kept pressing.

A strategy that leaves you wondering.

The worst part of it all is that it was exactly the coach's plan.

Not that we're bored like dead rats, though, but that his hairdressers frolic at least an hour, regardless of the way and the result, so that the executives redo the icing for what awaits us on Sunday.

Behind, that the public and the viewers have seen their life pass before their eyes, it is not his problem, in Deschamps.

The problem is that this strategy has its limits.

Already, the defeat breaks, whether we like it or not, a certain dynamic but, above all, this France group and the holders of this World Cup not that much experience either for us to allow ourselves to throw away a match of one such way.

Dembouz can take a quiet siesta.

Established in attack alongside Kolo Muani, the Bayern winger was certainly the player who had, if not the most to play, at least the most to prove to his coach.

It is clear that the former Parisian completely missed his mission on Wednesday evening, like this failed killer control when Fofana had just put him in orbit in the opposing area, for what could have been the only French opportunity in the first period.

Beyond that, the King proved to be technically messy and unambitious when going to challenge his vis-à-vis on the wing, which is still a shame when you get the top speed of an F1 from Red Bull.

Ousmane Dembélé can therefore sleep quietly at the back of the class, it is not tomorrow that Coman will challenge him for his place in the round of 16.

In the great game of losers,

we can add almost all the substitutes, except Kolo Muani and Konaté, very solid behind.

It's still light to travel far if unfortunately we happen to lose one or more executives on the way.


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