For the third year in a row, the Swedish biathlon season began with competitions in Idre two weeks ago.

And tomorrow, Wednesday, this year's season for the biathlon ladies begins with competitions in Kontiolahti, Finland.

Then Stina Nilsson is more than ready to start her third season as a biathlete.

- It feels very exciting.

I think all of us girls who ride around here are anxiously expecting.

We look forward to tomorrow and the competitions here.

No one knows what awaits them.

They are the ones who are so exciting with season premieres, she tells SVT Sport.

How did it feel after the Swedish premiere?

- I've had good times after Idre, I've had snow at home in Östersund and had good shooting practice, so it's been good preparation, she says.

The World Cup in biathlon starts for the ladies on Wednesday with distance at 13.00 on SVT1/Play.