On November 28, Beijing time, in the second round of Group H of the Qatar World Cup group match, South Korea played against Ghana.

In the first half, goals from Salisu and Kudus gave Ghana a two-goal lead.

In the second half, Cho Kyu-sung scored twice with headers in three minutes to level the score for South Korea, before Koudus Jain scored a goal and scored twice.

In the end, South Korea lost 2:3 to Ghana.

After the game, South Korean coach Bento received a red card because he was dissatisfied with the referee's penalty, and will not be able to direct the last game against Portugal.

The picture shows the Ghana team celebrating.

(Qatar World Cup) Star of the Day: Quedus: Supernova of the "dark horse" team

  China News Agency, Beijing, November 29th, title: Kudus: Supernova of the "Dark Horse" team

  China News Agency reporter Gao Kai

  In an ups and downs contest that scored 5 goals, Ghana beat the Asian powerhouse South Korea, showing its full "dark horse" qualities.

The 22-year-old Kudus scored a goal in the second half, the former helped the team expand its lead, and the latter helped the team lead again.

  The best player in the game, the first person to score twice in a single game in the World Cup in Ghana's history, another "post-00" who scored a goal in this cup - after this battle, Kudus's name prefix increased sharply, and this The light of a supernova may not be limited to this.

  Kudus, who was born in August 2000, is currently playing for Ajax. In 2020, this African teenager will be recruited by Ajax from the Danish team North Zealand.

Although he has not been the absolute main force in the Eredivisie giants in the past two years, Kudus has grown rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye every year.

In 21 games, he scored 9 goals in 10 starts. Before the World Cup, this "post-00" had already shown his talents in the European arena.

  He is not tall or strong, but Kudus' strength lies in his overall football quality.

"When I was a kid, I always let the ball go, and even if I missed 10 passes, I kept trying. No matter what position I played, I let myself play with the original creativity and joy. No matter where you are, you can always find a balance between defense and offense. This is the way I want to play." With such an understanding of football, Kudus appears free and in control on the green field.

  He can play any position in the front three, or he can play the role of nine and a half behind the striker.

Breakthrough with the ball and running speed are the characteristics that Kudus is best at.

During the World Cup, as a midfielder, he played with ease. Not only could he pass the threatening ball, but he also showed good ability to grab points and finish.

On November 28, Beijing time, in the second round of Group H of the Qatar World Cup group match, the match between the South Korean team and the Ghana team officially started.

The picture shows the No. 20 player of the Ghana team celebrating.

  In the duel with South Korea, Qudus' brilliant performance was impressive.

In the 34th minute, Jordan Ayou made a cross from the left, and the "post-00" teenager contributed a precise header to the goal.

In the second half, after encountering the South Korean team's lightning equalizer, it was Kudus who seized the opponent's defensive loopholes and scored again when the opponent was unmarked in the penalty area, helping the Ghana team lead again.

  This victory allowed the Ghana team, which was ranked bottom in the world in the top 32 before the game, to retain the hope of qualifying for the group.

The young Kudus said after the game, "Our goal this time is to get 3 points, we want this victory, and then move on."

  In the first two rounds of the group stage, they first withstood the pressure and lost to Portugal, and then won against South Korea. Qudus and Ghana have already shined in Qatar.

  Next, they will face Uruguay, a strong South American team. "We will prepare for the game with Uruguay with full confidence, and we will go all out." The supernova is fearless.