, Doha, November 30th (Reporter Bian Liqun) The World Cup group match was non-stop, and it came to the third round in a blink of an eye.

Ecuador and Senegal are fighting to the death.

  Speaking of which, I have a lot of fate with Ecuador in this World Cup. I witnessed their 2-0 victory over the host Qatar in the opening game, and the 1-1 draw with the Netherlands in the second game, as if I became a reporter for Ecuador and the team.

  I can even sing Ecuador's fan song, although I only know the first line means "Come on, Ecuador".

  Before the games against Qatar and the Netherlands, the singing of Ecuadorian fans could always resound everywhere in the stadium, turning wherever they went into their own home.

But this time they encountered African war drums, and the singing was completely suppressed.

This is also somewhat similar to the performance of the Ecuadorian team in this field.

Ecuador (yellow) lost 1:2 to Senegal and missed the group stage.

  Fans in different regions have very different ways of cheering.

For example, the well-organized Japanese fans cheered alternately with different cheering songs and slogans.

Fanatical South American fans sang continuously for 90 minutes.

  The European fans in the World Cup seemed quieter, without the devilish atmosphere of the club's home stadium.

  African fans like to use drums to create an atmosphere, which is also different. Fans like the Ghanaian team are more like a chorus, with melodious singing accompanied by cheerful drums and trumpets.

  It can be said that the Moroccan fans' output depends entirely on roaring, creating a huge sound wave that makes people uncomfortable.

  The Senegalese fans are the fast-paced drumming. Miraculously, they started beating 2 hours before the game, even at halftime.

After this game, it is estimated that their physical energy consumption is not much less than that of the players on the field.

  At the same time, it hurt my ears, and I even had a headache after the game...

Ecuador vs Senegal kick-off.

Photo by reporter Bian Liqun

  Speaking of the game, Ecuador will qualify for a tie with Senegal.

  For Chinese football, this is such a familiar word.

  The plot seems to be somewhat familiar, Ecuador finally lost 1:2 to Senegal, and gave up the right to qualify.

  As with the Dutch team, Ecuador, which played well in the previous two games, conceded a goal first.

  Ecuador once equalized in the second half, but this time they were only happy for less than 3 minutes before Senegal scored another goal and took away the right to qualify.

  1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss and 4 points out, this is indeed a cruel result.

Ecuador vs Senegal.

  The moment the whistle blew at the end of the game, the Ecuadorian players collapsed on the field.

On and off the pitch, the Ecuadorian fans stopped singing, with disappointment written all over their faces.

  This is indeed an unacceptable ending. After all, before this game, Ecuador still had the same points as the Netherlands and had the initiative to qualify. In the last game against the Netherlands, it had an overall advantage.

After the game, the Ecuadorian players collapsed to the ground with regret.

Photo by reporter Bian Liqun

  But in every World Cup, there are always such cruel and tragic stories.

Iran and Senegal in 2018, Portugal in 2014, Switzerland and Côte d'Ivoire in 2010...

  We will remember that in the special World Cup in the winter of 2022, a player named Valencia scored 3 goals in the Ecuadorian team, and we will also remember their tenacity and blood, their tears and unwillingness, and the melodious fans cheering Song - "Come on! Ecuador..."

  This is the cruelty of the World Cup, but also its charm.