Portugal, our opponent in the 3rd match, immediately started preparing for the final match.

Although they have already confirmed their advance to the round of 16, they have some time to spare, but he predicted an all-out war, saying that it is still important to keep 'top group'.

Reporter Jungchan Lee from Qatar will deliver this news.


After winning two consecutive victories against Ghana and Uruguay, and confirming their advance to the round of 16 early, Portugal immediately began preparing for the match against Korea.

Portugal, who returned to the training ground 12 hours after the game against Uruguay, gave starting players recovery and rest time, but gathered the remaining players and devoted themselves to training.

The players who did not play prepared for the third game against Korea under the hot daytime, noon sun.

Even after confirming the round of 16 early, Portugal predicted an 'all-out war' against us.

This is because if they lose to Korea and become second in Group G, they will meet Brazil, who is likely to top Group G, in the round of 16.

[Fernández/Portugal national soccer team midfielder: As it is important for our team to advance to the round of 16 by finishing first in the group, we will win the next game against Korea.]

Huben Neves, who plays with Hwang Hee-chan at Wolverhampton, also has good intentions with his teammates. I was committed to competing.

[Neves/Portugal soccer team midfielder: Hwang Hee-chan is a very good player.

I am really happy to meet and face Hwang Hee-chan at the World Cup.

And I hope we win.]

After announcing that Santos will be an elite member, he is also keeping an eye on the physical condition of Pereira, Ottabiu and Nunu Mendes, who are recovering from injuries.

However, it is a boon for us that key players Fernandes and Felix were booked in the preceding game.

These players are not expected to play full-time as a starter as they will not be able to play in the round of 16 if they receive an additional yellow card in Game 3.