Come on, a little last game for butter or almost and it will be time to focus on the round of 16, the first big meeting on the way to the Blues which we hope will be paved with glory.

But before that, Tunisia, therefore.

The Blues approach this meeting without pressure but seriously, as they explained to us in the pre-match press conference.

Deschamps is not "in comfort"

Deschamps said it Tuesday noon from the Doha Conference Center, if his players are heading "serenely" towards this meeting against the Carthage Eagles, there is no question of "overdoing" it.

“Tunisia is playing its qualification, he recalled.

The team that will play tomorrow will try to get the best result.

But indeed I am in management, I have elements not to take risks, it is also a discussion with the players to have their feelings.

I will make a decision tomorrow.

There will be changes.

But I won't tell you so as not to install the opponent in comfort like in the last two games.

Me, I'm not comfortable.


Tchouaméni promises a Blues concert in Doha

It will always be better than David Guetta, you will tell us.

Preview in an Instagram story playing a few piano notes from the relaxation room of the Al-Messila hotel, Aurélien Tchouaméni made us a promise.

"I've never played the piano in my life," he first said.

I had learned this little sound in the last 24 hours… There are different poles at the hotel, we have the poker pole, the Uno pole and the one devoted to music.

It's not bad, I hope we can do a concert before the end of the World Cup!


Said it's said, Aurélien.

Mbappé has no ego?

Questioned in a subtle-funny way by a colleague from L'Equipe who asked him if it was better to play Mbappé against Tunisia to spare his ego or to blow him to spare his physique, the coach laughed a little yellow, him .

“His physique is very good.

So the problem would be his ego?

What do you know about it?

Does he want to play, already?, he retorted.

Kylian has no ego (LOOOOOOOL).

Finally… He is important, decisive and takes the spotlight with his performances, but he has always been part of a collective framework.


The program of the day

The Blues face Tunisia at the Cité de l'éducation stadium in Al-Rayyan, in the suburbs of Doha at 6 p.m. in Qatar, 4 p.m. in Montluçon.

Before that, nada, rest, chat and journey to the stadium.


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