(Qatar World Cup) Reporter's Notes: The Qatar team goes home with the football they love

  China News Agency, Doha, November 29th: The Qatar team went home with their favorite football

  China News Agency reporter Xing Chong

  Football goes home, which originally meant that the England team brought football back to its modern birthplace, the United Kingdom.

The first team to "go home" in this World Cup was actually the host Qatar, which surprised many people.

  Lost to Ecuador 0:2 in the opening game, breaking the rule of "unbeaten in the first match of the host" of the World Cup, and lost 1:3 to Senegal in the "Life and Death Battle", confirming the doom of early exit, and lost 0:2 in the battle of honor on the 29th It is even more difficult for the Netherlands to defend its "honor".

The Qatar team lost all three games, and thus ended their first World Cup participation at home.

  The "going home" Qatar team can hardly be said to be "returning with honor".

Many people ridiculed that Qatar spent 220 billion U.S. dollars to host the game, but it became the "worst host in history" on the court.

  The Qataris believe their team deserves better as the newly crowned Asian Cup champions.

Although disappointment was written on their faces, they still supported without hesitation - the match between Qatar and the Netherlands on the 29th was held at the Gulf Stadium about 60 kilometers north of Doha. .

  The question that Qatar coach Sanchez was asked most was how to face the Qatari people.

The meritorious coach who has coached the Qatar team for many years and sent it to the Asian championship is known as the "Godfather of Football" in Qatar.

He said the World Cup will end, but football will continue.

  In fact, the development of football in Qatar has been called rapid.

Qatar did not officially participate in football games until 1970, when the country was approaching independence. In the past 20 years, thanks to the successful implementation of policies such as naturalization and youth training, Qatar has completed the transformation from the third-rate in Asia to the first-class and even the Asian champion. metamorphosis.

  At the same time, football has also entered the lives of Qataris.

On the beach by the sea, in the desert along the expressway, and in the streets and alleys of the bustling city, you can often see groups of football teenagers.

A Qatari told the reporter that the weather here is hot, and there are not many sports that people can do. Football allows everyone to enjoy the fun of sports.

  Purely enjoying the joy brought by football, perhaps this is the image that Qataris look forward to showing to the outside world.

Just like the Qatari teenager Ghanim Mufta who suffered from congenital degenerative coccyx syndrome in the opening ceremony, although he has no lower limbs, he has learned to use other parts of his body to bounce the ball and enjoy the simplest fun of football.

  Qatar was originally a football desert, and now it has ushered in the world's top competition.

What the Qataris are looking forward to is not only the debut of their national team in the center of the world football stage, but also a new image to the world.

  Despite the disappointment on the pitch, Qatar deserve a "fair play award".

In this cup, the host country did not receive special care from the referee. In the game against Senegal, the referee on duty even refused to look back at the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) and awarded a suspected penalty for the Qatar team.

  The current strength of the Qatar team is not enough to win the World Cup, but in the next 20 years, perhaps they can still transform again.

  Qatar went home with the football they love.

At the World Cup stadium at their doorstep, the Qatar team can only pass by in a hurry, but they are not just passing by, because football enthusiasm has been ignited in this Middle East desert.