At the entrance to the "Qatar Post" building in the capital, Doha, which is meters away from the main fans' area for the World Cup, Al Jazeera Net meets - by chance - 3 Brazilian fans looking for a wallet they lost in their country's match against Serbia last Thursday.

Gabriel, who comes from Sao Paulo to support the samba team, says: "We were told that we can find the wallet in the World Cup Lost and Found section of Qatar Post, but it is difficult because the wallet contains "200 US dollars and two bank cards."

"The incident happened about a week ago, so the possibility (of finding her) is very low," he continues, speaking in poor English.

Gabriel's father Alex - who doesn't know a word of English - nods his head emphasizing what his son said but hopes to find her because "it would be a dream for him because this money he saved for the World Cup".

However, Alex's friend Daniel intervenes in the dialogue and confirms that his friend forgot a valuable watch when he was entering the stadium and came to "Qatar Post" and found it, asking the two men to be "optimistic."

We accompany Gabriel, Alex, and Daniel to the section concerned with this subject, and we find more than one person asking about personal needs that he lost, and ironically, they all found them as they left them and delivered them within less than a minute in an organized and smooth process.

Alex found his wallet with $200 and two bank cards in it (Al Jazeera)

We return to the Brazilian youth. Gabriel explains to the Qatar Post employee the shape, color and contents of the wallet, and that he lost it in the Brazil-Serbia match. Within a few seconds, the wallet appeared on the computer screen. They did not believe themselves when the employee brought it from the inside. Surprisingly, all its cash and card contents are still the same. .

The reactions of the three were fabulous, as they jumped with joy and happiness, and Gabriel told Al-Jazeera Net, "We did not imagine that we would find it, and if we did, its contents would not be complete."

We go with them to the fan zone and they tell us how comfortable, safe and secure they feel from the moment they set foot in Qatar 10 days ago.

Gabriel compares his country's organization of the 2014 World Cup and Qatar 2022, and admits, "Frankly, security in our country is not good, and thefts were many in 2014. If you lose something, especially money, bank cards, or any valuable goods, it is impossible to find it, and this is the big difference. The honesty in Qatar is clear and everyone He tries to ensure the comfort of the fans and makes sure that they are not exposed to any negative situations."

Gabriel, Alex and Daniel, fans of Sao Paulo, one of the most famous and most popular Brazilian clubs, confirmed that their country "will move forward in the competition and is the first candidate to win the title, because of the number of star players it includes."

But Alex turns around and directs the conversation to his young son, "In 2014, after Neymar's injury, we came out with a scandal against Germany and lost with a big score 1-7, and for this we must not be overly optimistic and deal with every match and every role and see later how things go."

The Brazil national team - which secured its qualification for the final price with two victories over Serbia and Switzerland and led it to its seventh group - will meet Cameroon in its last match in the first round of the World Cup in Qatar on Friday.