Anicet Mbida 07:10, November 30, 2022

Anicet Mbida delivers to us every morning what is best in terms of innovation.

This Wednesday, he is interested in a medical novelty.

This is a dressing that accelerates healing and scarring.

The innovation of the day is a whole new type of dressing.

A dressing that accelerates healing and scarring.

Accelerating healing is the basic function of any dressing.

Indeed, if you leave a wound in the open air, it will take longer to heal.

But the new dressing I'm talking about is capable of dividing the healing time by two or three compared to a conventional dressing.

How ?

By regularly bombarding the wound with very light electrical impulses.

Electricity is found to help skin cells move.

So to cover the wound more quickly and protect it from infections.

Have you ever heard of athletes who use electrodes to heal themselves?

It is for the same reason.

This speeds up the process.

Obviously, we are talking about a very weak current.

Do not electrocute yourself by plugging your wound into 220 volts.

This means that the bandage must have a battery...

That's the problem unfortunately.

It won't be as inconspicuous as a small plaster.

It will look more like a big bandage.

In fact, the dressing itself remains quite thin.

But it needs electronic circuits and sensors.

There is also an antenna that sends information about the condition of the wound.

And, of course, the battery.

All of this takes up space.

So we hide them inside a bandage.

It was researchers at Stanford University in the United States who developed this dressing/bandage.

They insist a lot on its communicating side.

Because it allows doctors to know how the healing is going without having to remove and then redo the bandage.

If it's a bandage, it has electronics, it communicates... We're not going to use it for a small cut!

No, especially because it is quite expensive.

But it's not just an exercise in style.

This dressing is mainly intended for the treatment of chronic injuries such as ulcers or pressure sores.

Wounds that take a long time to heal.

And that many would like to see disappear three times faster.

One day, when prices drop, it's your cut finger that we can heal at lightning speed.