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The cute reaction of a young boy who succeeded in high-fiving Son Heung-min, the captain of the Korean soccer team, is a hot topic.

Yesterday (29th), the phrase 'the little boy who shook hands with Son Heung-min and froze' and captured photos were posted on various online communities in Korea.

The scene was captured in a short relay video before the start of the second leg of Group H of the World Cup group stage between Korea and Ghana on the 28th.

The main character of the video is one of the 'player escort' children entering with the starting players, and was waiting at the very front.

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The boy reached out to high-five the first players.

However, the players did not notice this because their backs were turned, and the boy lowered his hand as if embarrassed.

The boy, who succeeded in high-fiving several players from the Ghanaian team who appeared afterwards, couldn't take his eyes off Son Heung-min as he encouraged his teammates and returned to the front captain's seat.

He then held out his right hand, and Son Heung-min immediately grabbed the boy's hand.

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The scene that became a hot topic is from this time.

This is because he froze as it was without being able to close his right hand that Son Heung-min held.

The boy supported his right hand with his left hand for a while.

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The boy, who had been looking at Son Heung-min since then, only turned his head to the front when an official appeared and corrected his posture.

Netizens who watched the video commented, "Chin fan reaction", "I don't think I'll wash my hands for a few days", "I kept watching it before high-fiving and eventually succeeded", "The hand I shook hands with became ice", "I boasted to my friend standing behind me It's clear" and so on.