On the 29th, the Japan national team, who are competing in the World Cup Qatar soccer tournament, made preparations before the third match against Spain, which was to advance to the final tournament, and adjusted another menu after the first match against Germany in the first round. Defender Tomiyasu Takehiro joined the general practice and showed a smooth recovery.

The Japanese national football team lost 0-1 to Costa Rica in the second round match of the World Cup Qatar tournament, and will face Spain on the 1st of next month local time and the early morning of the 2nd Japan time to advance to the final tournament. To do.

The players adjusted at a training facility in Doha from 5:00 pm on the 29th, and the first 25 minutes were released to the press.

During the practice, Kamada Daichi, who is the commander of the offense, practiced passing with a firm expression.

In addition, Tomiyasu, who had injured his leg in the match against Germany and was adjusting a different menu, joined the general practice from this day and showed a good recovery.

On the other hand, midfielder Endo Wataru and defender Sakai Hiroki, who complained of pain in their right knees after the second match against Costa Rica in the first round, were training on a different menu at the indoor training ground.

Commander of the attack Daichi Kamata "I want to pour everything"

After practice, Kamata said, “I have the impression that Spain plays beautiful football with good technique. We had a vague understanding of how to attack as a team and how to develop the game, so we discussed and resolved it. I believe in my ability, and I will do my best to get a good result and put everything I have into the match against Spain."

Doan Ritsu: “In this situation, there are a lot of players who are burning”

Doan Ritsu spoke about the match against Spain, ``It was the worst possible situation, and I think there are a lot of players who are passionate about this situation, not just me.''

After losing to Spain in the semi-finals at last year's Tokyo Olympics, he said, "I know Spain's ability is high in the Olympics, but I'm not afraid at all. It's better to show results than to talk about it, so I'm happy. I want to prepare so that I can show the results," he was enthusiastic.

Ko Itakura "I want to repay the debt of the Olympics"

Ko Itakura, who participated in last year's Tokyo Olympics, said, "Spain has high-quality players and understands Spain's unique football. The whole team is determined to win, and I'm looking forward to winning." I talked to

On top of that, he vowed to avenge himself by saying, ``I still vividly remember the frustration of losing to Spain in the Olympics.