According to the indictment, the woman is said to have been sexually molested on a train between Borlänge and Stockholm in June earlier this year.

As no person is deprived of liberty, the district court has no so-called urgency requirement.

Annika Björk, the woman's lawyer, therefore believes that negotiations will only begin in a few months.

- My guess, if I base it on other goals that I have received, is February/March, says Björk and adds:

- This is not something you rush into just because it is a public figure, but this is a completely professional process.

Request most probable damages

Annika Björk does not want to comment specifically on how her client is doing.

- It is clear that it is special with a trial and generally it is always a pressured situation.

But I don't want to comment specifically on how the client is feeling.

Will you seek damages?

- I would think so.

We will discuss it, but I assume we will make a claim for damages.

Then we will discuss when it gets closer which level you want to go to.

- We will try to find similar cases and see how much has been requested and sentenced then.

It was on Monday that the news came that Mats Årjes, chairman of the Swedish Olympic Committee, was charged with sexual harassment.

Årjes denies wrongdoing and has temporarily chosen to step aside from the assignments he has.

- I feel completely innocent and I feel saddened, it is a situation that you never thought you would come close to, Årjes told SVT Sport yesterday.