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The Bow Bird gave Brazil the 1962 World Cup

Brazilian player Garrincha.

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The history of the round witch is replete with inspiring stories of players who succeeded in challenging their difficult lives, towards football glory, including the player Garrincha, famous as the “bowed bird”, and is considered the most controversial in the history of Brazilian football, after he suffered since birth from a large curvature in his legs, he did not stand An obstacle to his will to later obtain the title of the fastest right winger in the world, and to achieve his dream of leading the "samba" team to victory in the 1962 World Cup in Chile.

The congenital deformity that Manuel Francisco dos Santos suffered from his birth in 1933 with two curved legs, and the inability of his poor family to treat him, prompted most clubs in Brazil to refuse him to join them, despite his speed and skill, which forced him to work at an early age in a textile factory at his age. 14 years old, before finally fulfilling his dream of playing football from the gate of the “Botafogo” club.

Garrincia later succeeded in reaching the national team, and formed a wonderful duo with the legend Pele towards crowning the “samba” team with its first world title in 1958 in Sweden, before the “arched bird” carried the task alone after Pele was injured, in gifting the “samba” team its second title in World Cup 1962, when Garrincha scored four goals in the tournament, and entered as a partner for the top scorer title with his colleague Vava, Chilean Lionel Sanchez, Hungarian Florian Albert, Croatian Drazen Jokovic, and Soviet Valentin Ivanov.

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