The “green” decision is in his hands in front of Mexico

  • The Saudi national team is one step away from qualifying for the 16th round.

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The Saudi national team is looking forward to continuing its career in the FIFA World Cup finals, which are currently being held in Qatar, and qualifying for the knockout stages in the tournament, when they face Mexico, today, in the third group of the group stage at Lusail Stadium.

Poland leads the group standings with four points, a point ahead of its closest opponents, Argentina, which is superior to Saudi Arabia, third-placed, equal to it in three points, while Mexico is at the bottom of the standings with one point.

The Saudi national team has ample chances to snatch one of the two qualifying cards for that group for the round of 16 in the World Cup, and to repeat its achievement in the 1994 edition of the competition in the United States of America.

And the Saudi national team, which is participating in the World Cup for the sixth time in its history, and the second in a row, has its fate in its hand before entering the last round, as it suffices for it to beat Mexico, to officially advance to the next round, without waiting for the result of the other meeting between Argentina and Poland, where it will raise its tally to Six points in that case.

In the event that the Saudi national team, which scored two goals and conceded three goals in its campaign in the group so far, tied, it will raise its score to four points, but its qualification will depend on the outcome of the match between Argentina and Poland.

As for the loss, it will mean the Saudi national team officially bid farewell to the World Cup, without looking at the outcome of the other match, as its score will remain at three points at that time.

For his part, there is no alternative to the Mexico national team, which did not score any goals and conceded two goals, but to collect the three points, to maintain its hopes of passing the group stage for the tenth time in its history, and to wait for the outcome of the confrontation between Argentina and Poland.

And in the event that he fails to beat the Saudi national team, this will be the first edition in which the Mexico national team fails to achieve any victory during its participation in the World Cup, since the 1978 edition of the competition in Argentina, when it was bid farewell from the group stage for the last time in its World Cup career.

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